An Identity Crisis and more Tiered Stands

You’ve all seen my tiered stands before, so rather than talk too much about my latest batch, I want to address an issue you might be wondering about – am I going nuts?

To clarify, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I’m sure you noticed that just about every time you visit, something looks different, and it looks like I’m having an identity crisis.  I’ll spare you the longggg story, but did want to explain what I’m doing, and ask for your patience with me, because YOU are the reason I blog.

enamelware tiered stand

Imagine moving into a new home.  You brought all your belongings from your old home, but the rooms are all different, the wall colors are different, and you have more closets in one part of the house, but less closets in another, than you did in your old house.

Moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress was like that.  I bought all my “stuff” from Blogger, but the “rooms” weren’t the same, the colors weren’t the same, and the “closets” (spaces where everything fits on a blog) weren’t the same either.  Trying to figure out how to make my new blog “house” into a home hasn’t been quick and it hasn’t been easy.

vintage enamelware tiered stand

enamelware bowl tiered stand

So, you all have been watching me rearrange and redecorate my new blog “house”, and I apologize for how messy it’s been ever since.  Anyone who has remodeled a house knows that things get terribly messy during construction, and you just hope you’ll love the outcome when everything is finished.

When it comes to house remodeling – my husband does the “framing” and I do the decorating, so whenever you’ve seen something on my blog that suddenly looks wonky, that was a “framework” kind of tweak I tried to do myself…and shouldn’t have.  After messing things up multiple times, I’m finally getting someone to help me, so that you all don’t have to suffer along with me.  I know – it’s about time, right?  I’m a DIYer at heart (and I’m cheap), so I hate having someone else do something I think I can do myself for free, but I wouldn’t try to rewire my house by myself, so I figured it was time I stop trying to do what I’m not good at, so I can focus on doing what I really love to do (make stuff!).

enamelware bowl pedestal stand

repurposed enamelware bowl pedestal stand

All that to say…thank you for your patience with me, and thank you for visiting my blog – especially during this “identity crisis”.  I’m still working out a few kinks with my blog assistant, but I hope things will all be fixed soon.

I have noticed a real drop in comments left on my blog since moving to WordPress, and I’ve gotta admit – it makes me kinda sad.  I love hearing from you all, and hope you’ll take a moment to just say hello when you visit – it means a lot to me.

tiered stand from repurposed strainer

metal strainer tiered stand

repurposed strainer tiered stand

I do want to point out a few changes that I hope will make my blog more reader-friendly, and some changes I made, just to give my page a brighter, cleaner look.

You probably noticed my old header image is gone, and I replaced it with this image.  I liked my old header, but it was pretty dark looking, and this header just lightens up the overall appearance.

Blog Header for MadMimi

On the right side of the header image, you’ll see all of my social media buttons.  Just click on those to follow Knick of Time with the one you prefer.  Don’t click on the images below – they won’t take you anywhere!

social media clocks

At the end of that row, is this contact me button.  After 3 years of blogging, I finally have something you can click on to shoot me an email!  Some people just want to ask a question, but don’t want to leave a blog comment, and I’m glad it’s finally set up for you to do that.

There is also a search bar under those social media buttons, so you can search for specific posts.

Email clock

On the sidebar to the right, you’ll see a series of images like this one.  These are my project galleries.  I’m still working on them, and can’t promise they won’t look different when it’s all done, but each of those will take you to most of my past blog projects.  There are 7 galleries to choose from.  I’m still working on getting those galleries to look better, but the content is all there for you.  Near the top of my blog, in the menu bar, there is also a drop-down menu called, “Project Gallery” also, which will lead you to the same areas.

Knick of Time Our Home Gallery

At the very bottom of my page, on the left side, you’ll find links to the last 15 Recent Posts I’ve written.  These are helpful if you want to see any posts you might have missed.  They can also be found on my HOME page (with a small photo).

I hope all these explanations help you navigate my blog a little easier, but feel free to contact me, if you think anything on my page is confusing.  I want it to be as visitor-friendly as possible.

Clock Divider Large

Now, I want to address an issue most readers don’t like, but most bloggers, especially those who blog as a “job” find necessary… ADVERTISEMENTS.

I know many of you dislike ads, and I know you didn’t visit my blog to see ads, so I’d like to explain why I have them.

I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom.  My Etsy shop provides a means for me to earn an income, while staying home with my youngest son (the only one who hasn’t graduated yet.  The ads on my blog pay for all the expenses associated with this blog (and there are many when you have a self-hosted blog, like this one).  I don’t love advertisements myself, but occasionally I do see one that interests me, so if you see something that interests you, by all means, click on it!

There are some new ads that show up at the bottom of a few photos in my posts.  I’m not crazy about how they cover some of my photos, but I’m trying them out on a trial basis.  If they annoy you, there is an little arrow on the top right side of them you can click, and they disappear.  I hope you enjoy my projects and images enough, that you’ll overlook the advertisements – even if you don’t like them.

Clock Divider Large Now…about all these tiered and pedestal stands I’ve shown here, they are available in my online shop HERE.  You’ll find specifics, like their size, in the shop listings.

enamelware tiered stand

repurposed enamelware tiereds stand

tiered stand repurposed pie pans

Thanks again for taking time out of your day to visit here.  It means so much.

Please take a moment to leave me a comment – I would love to hear from you!


Please know that Knick of Time uses affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon to help keep this blog up and running.


  1. Your blog looks beautiful! So don’t you worry! Would love a post all about your decision to move from blogger though… I am a blogger blogger and absolutely love it and can’t stand WP (I have to use it for work). Would love to see how you’re finding it!

  2. You have made a big move and changes, so I’m sure it does have a learning curve and just finding out what you like and don’t like! It will come together for you! The tiered stands are beautiful!

  3. Hi Angie, Your webpage looks great. The white background is more inviting than the gray and I like your new header. I can imagine how difficult and time-consuming it is to deal with a new system. I don’t mind ads on the sidebar. The ones in the pictures are rather annoying though but that won’t keep me from visting your blog.
    Your tiered stands are fabulous as always.

  4. Angie, you’re my favorite person to follow on FaceBook and Pinterest. I love seeing what you create, and really appreciate all those free graphics!

  5. Hey Angie!
    I sure can relate to the room remodel…we are having one of our bathrooms done and there is a fine layer of dust all over the house! Is there a button that can clean that up?? LOL. I’m not a fan of the adds either but I like the new look of you blog! Your new shop items are fabulous!! I always love seeing what you come up with! Have a great weekend!!
    Cindy 🙂

  6. Laurie Johnson says

    Hi Angie,
    I love your Blog. Have followed it for quite awhile. Happy to wait out the remodel!!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Liz Thomas says

    Angie, I love your blog and always especially liked your old header because it was warm cozy eye candy and I knew that whatever you included in the blog for the day would measure up to that standard. I certainly understand about the ads. But, my gripe with them is that they cover your photos. The pop ups definitely draw my attention but not in a good way, they are irritating because I have to remove them… so I don’t even look at what they are about. And you know, of course, this is happening on most blogs which is so irritating, I’m not enjoying my morning ritual of checking my favorite blogs while eating breakfast. I would much prefer that the pop-ups stay on the right hand portion of the blog. Just the very motion of the pop-up would draw my attention and I could click on it if I was interested, but I would not have to battle my way through them just to see your gorgeous photos. I totally appreciate your reason for having ads. I applaud you for finding a way to bring in income so that you can homeschool and create. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sorry, but uuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh, it’s off my chest now. But I wish you would consider posting adverts to the side. Thanks for listening!! And continue your wonderful blog.

    • Liz, I really did love my old header, because it was so representative of my style. I’d like to incorporate some of the elements from it somehow, and hope to once I figure out a way to do it! About the ads – I AM listening to everyone’s feedback! I’m giving those ads that you see at the bottom of the photos a 1 month trial, to weigh whether they are worth how annoying they are. I did ask that ad network company to limit them to only 2, so NO reader will ever see more than 2 ads like that for every 5 minutes they spend on my blog – I hope that reduces the amount of “annoyingness” – LOL!

      Thanks SO much for giving me your feedback and just for taking the time to comment – I truly appreciate it, and hope you’ll say “hello” often – even if you need to get something off your chest!!


  8. It looks great and I agree that comments and visits are down a bit. I just think it is the time of the year. A bunch of your commentors are bloggers and we are getting our Christmas stuff together. xxxx….Brooke

    • Thank you, Brooke! I do think most people (including myself) are trying to visit as many of our favorite blogs as we can, which means we can’t spend much time leaving comments – especially during the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays. I hope I can purposely slow down, and leave more comments on other blogs…it just feels good to be a friendly visitor!

  9. Hi Angie,
    I read your blog everyday – email subscription 😉 But usually in such a hurry no time to comment…well, I’m taking time today to do just that ♥
    I love the shortcuts on the side and also the search bar. I have a love/hate relationship with ads….Bugged by them on others blogs but need them on mine…everyone is trying to make ends meet and in my opinion a necessary evil. As long as I can click that little ‘x’ I’m happy. I also miss your previous header, like Liz above mentioned it had a warm and inviting feel, but understand why your decision to change it. Sometimes times I feel my header is just too heavy, at other times I love to switch it out for Seasons or even to showcase a new line of items in my Etsy store. I, like Kirsty above, am waiting with baited breath to hear your decision for moving to WP. 😉 I know you’ll get to it in time. I admire you for taking on such a BIG task. You are one brave lady…..I’d screw everything up so bad I’d probably quit blogging! All those old posts from the past 🙁
    Your new blog looks fab, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks SO much, Deb! I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment today. I know I don’t leave comments on other blogs as much as I wish I could – there is just not enough hours in the day. When I realized how much I missed seeing comments from MY readers, it was a reminder to me that I needed to start saying “hello” on other blogs as well, and not just dropping in to visit and leave without saying anything. I’m trying to remind myself, that in a small way, we are like visitors in someone’s “home” when we read a blog, and everyone likes a friendly visitor! I hope you’ll say hello often – just to let me know you came!
      Blessings Deb!

  10. Love your tiered stands Angie. I keep forgetting to dig through my stash to see if I have the ingredients for a few of these. Your blog is looking really good to me, hang in there and you’ll have all those rooms decorated to perfection in no time.

  11. Wanda Swaim says

    I love your website and all your projects.

  12. I moved to WP just two years ago and I love it. I had to do it all myself and I am happy I did because now I know the workings inside and out. If I want to change things I can easily with no added expense. I am still constantly learning and that is good for my ‘old’ brain. But it did take time and if I had needed to hurry it would’ve been so frustrating. I completely understand the need for ads, I too, must make my site at least pay for itself but I am avoiding ads that annoy me on other blogs. I hate when a pop up obscures the entire page asking me to subscribe, a form in the side bar or the pop up at the right at bottom of the screen is enough to get my attention if I wish to subscribe. Also I detest video ads that start playing in the side bar with sound. Trying to find those to shut them up is a pain. But all others are so unobtrusive that I don’t mind them a bit and I do click on any that interest me. I am still rather unsure of the ones at the bottom of the photos, they do no cover the entire photo on my screen and are easy enough to X off if they are in the way of something but I do find them distracting from the story. But I think I am more tolerant of them since I am trying more ways to make a necessary income from my blog as well. Okay, that is my two cents. 🙂 Love the tiered stands!

  13. I am glad you are back Angie and I love the new look. Your tiered stands are gorgeous as always!

    • Darrielle, were you following me from a Blogger dashboard? I realized that for several weeks, my blog was no longer showing up on my blogger dashboard, and finally got it to show up again. Anyway – you know I always love to hear, and love seeing all the projects you link up at the VIP!!
      Thanks so much for commenting today!

  14. I’m not a blogger, but have just recently found hour blog and have been enjoying it. I don’t often post something unless I feel it will contribute to the conversation. Keep up the good work. Your stands are very interesting and it’s fun to see what you will come up with next. Thanks for the inspiration. Ann

  15. I’m a new subscriber and I have to say I love your site. Your 3 tiered stands are adorable. I read you every time you send a new post and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I appreciate being able to X out of the pop ups. I do look at ads that interest me as I know it is income for bloggers. I appreciate the time you put into each post with editing of text and photos. I know it takes a great deal of time. Looking forward to your posts!

  16. Hello Angie. I have never posted on your site (or on any). Just feel have nothing important to say but after reading your comments realize that just a “hello” is important! I love your blog and have spent many happy moments reading and viewing your projects and conversation. I, too, hate the ads but do realize how important they are, so they do not upset me as you are doing what you need to do. So hang in there, baby, and keep blogging on!

  17. Hello, hello. I have to say, I’m a little slow. Or maybe changes like you’re making do not phase me much. I noticed, especially the pop up ads, but it hasn’t stopped me from coming to check out your newest creation. Your pictures make me smile, and sigh, and dream. So yea! All is well!

  18. Thank you, Angie. I enjoy your work and your blog. Keep it up!

  19. Hey, it’s looking pretty good around here! Love your blog and everything you do here…thanks and keep up the good work :O)

  20. Judy Lincicum says

    Angie, I was missing some posts from you, because they seemed to be coming in much more sporadically and when I pulled up your url, sure enough, there were posts I had not received. I’m not sure why this would happen since I received your posts from email and bloglovin. Can you check to make sure I have not been unsubscribed for some reason? I do miss you when you are not around! Thanks, Judy

    • Judy, I’m not seeing your address on my subscribers list. You can sign up again though. On my sidebar, there is an image that says, “Join my mailing list and receive 8 free vintage printable floral papers”. It’s right underneath my long Project Gallery Image. You can subscribe there. Thanks for letting me know you “went missing”, but I’m glad you are back!

  21. My commenting has hit an all time low since I have been blogging less and spending even less time online. Sorry! I enjoy stopping in when I can to see what amazing thing you are up to! But you have only just now shown up in the proper place on my sidebar after not updating for the longest time. Welcome back. The technical maintanance part is not so much fun.

    • Jackqueline – I think something was wrong that those who used to follow my from Google Friend Connect weren’t seeing my posts, but I’m pretty sure it is fixed now. So glad you are “seeing” me again!!

  22. Have really enjoyed your blog for several years now. Loved your old header b/c it was so cozy & inviting, carrying out your vintage feel, but the new one is definitely lighter. Hang in there, girl, you’ll get the kinks worked out!

  23. I think Knick of Time 2.0 looks great! Real DIYers don’t mind a little sawdust here and there :). I especially like your project gallery links.

    • 2.0 – that’s a good one, Cassie!! The project gallery links are a work in progress. My graphics design college student son is helping me work on the the ones that don’t have complete images yet. Slowly by surely, I guess I’ll get it all done!

  24. Tricia Effendi says

    You are such a prolific blogger and share so many projects that I’m surprised you have had time to make any changes. Ads are fine. You have to make a living. So glad you can keep on blogging

  25. I am following still and admire you for being brave and making the change. Will wait to see your reasons. My goal is to one day start a blog. And was leaning towards WP. So I will keep reading to see if it is something I can do or would need help.
    Love the tiered pieces. I admire what you see and what it becomes. Real beauties.
    Barbara Ann

    • Thanks so much, Barbara. I highly recommend learning all you can about blogging BEFORE you start a blog! It’ll make your life and blogging so much easier. I do have a “Blogging with the Pros series” that I’m in the midst of. Just type blogging with the pros in my search bar to find the first 2 in the series.

  26. Hey Angie! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and anxiously look forward to your posts! You have the best ideas and I love seeing them all! You would have to make your blog totally unreadable, unnavigable and unfindable for me to stop reading! Thanks for a great blog!!

  27. Angie, I think your site looks lovely. I moved from Blogger to WP in September and initially lost a lot of my followers, too. If they only clicked the GFC button to add me when I was on Blogger, they were gone. They had to add me to their feed directly. My most diligent commenters have found me again, but I agree….it’s been a major upheaval and I am still settling in! 🙂

    • Thanks Kim – it has been a learning experience to be sure! Even my followers from GFC couldn’t find me for awhile, because I changed themes after moving to WP, and for some reason that dropped me off the Blogger dashboard – no idea why! Thanks for commenting – it’s nice to “meet” you!

  28. First time on your blog and I love your style and work. I am interested in the 3-tier enamelware stand and I don’t see it in your etsy shop. Is it still available & I am missing it? I am looking forward to purusing through the Archives.

  29. I actually don’t mind the ads…I’ve found several sites I hadn’t heard of so they are useful…BTW, I Love JM Cremps. Having 9 grandsons helped make that decision!

  30. I’m still reading every day but seldom post. Yours is one of my favorites. Many of the blogs are way over-loaded with ads, but I understand why, so don’t fret. Happy New Year!

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