Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Update

I thought I’d change gears this week, from Christmas projects, to the changes we made to the wall behind our stove in our farmhouse kitchen.  I really hadn’t intended to overhaul the look of this wall, but one project leads to another…and often another, and that was definitely the case with my kitchen wall, as you’ll see.

It all started when we got a new oven range hood from Westside Wholesale.

Obviously, it’s a modern appliance, so once we got it installed, the challenge was to make it blend it with the rest of our farmhouse kitchen.  My husband built a custom cover for it, made from an antique door.  It turned out fabulous, but since I didn’t want the shiny stainless steel from the range hood peeking out from under the wooden cover, that lead to another project….

oven range hood

I had already created an “antique” sign with Fusion Mineral Paints (tutorial here), and wasn’t quite sure where I would hang it, when it dawned on me that it would look perfect hanging below the front edge of the range hood cover!

farmhouse sign

The only problem was, it wasn’t long enough to go from one end of the range cover to the other, but I had another salvaged wood plank, so I cut the plank to the correct width, painted it the same color as my sign, and mounted the sign onto the plank.

salvaged wood plank for sign

how to make an antique sign

It was exactly what the range hood needed, and I think it now looks like an awning on the front of an old store.

Farmhouse Oven Range Hood

The problem that remained, was what to do with all my spices that had been in small, old wooden crates that I used as spice racks.  They looked off-center under the range hood, and the steam rising from boiling pots right below the spice tins was causing the spices to clump together, so they needed to be moved.

I had 2 other shelves on the wall to the side of the stove, so I moved the spice tins there, and moved most of the glass canisters that had previously been on the shelves into my pantry.  They aren’t so close to the burners now, so hopefully the steam from boiling pots won’t be a problem now.

open shelves in farmhouse kitchen

Underneath these shelves, sits my enamelware pot that I put a remnant from an antique grain sack around.  It holds all my kitchen utensils.  It is still my favorite grain sack that I’ve ever found, because of the “Amen” last name on it, the little sewn patched area.

Grain Sack Utensil Holder

Now it was time to redecorate where the spices had been.  I moved my old kraut cutter above the stove, and added a few old kitchen baking items onto it.

Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

I love the patina all these utensils have.

antique kitchen utensils

I did some rearranging on the wall where the kraut cutter had previously been as well.  I hung a few of my old potato mashers there, and moved my  vintage pie tin below them.

Antique Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

In the corner of the wall, hangs a little shelf with more of my vintage kitchen gadgets on it.  The egg timer inside an old wooden spool was a gift from my in-laws a few months ago, which I love.  The flour sifter is often used as a prop when I’m shooting other photos, like my Mrs. Claus Cookie Co. sign.

vintage kitchen measuring cups in farmhouse kitchen

Under the shelf, hangs a little rack with my measuring cups, an old galvanized tote that holds our silverware, and my favorite antique ironstone pitcher.

antique ironstone pitcher in farmhouse kitchen

It was hard to get a good shot of, but I wanted to show you what my husband used on the side of the range hood cover.  He installed corrugated metal that was leftover from our guest house remodel.  It’s a small detail, but I love it, and I think it adds to the uniqueness of the range hood cover.

farmhouse kitchen oven range hood

I’m so glad that one project led to another, because I love the new look of the wall now.  The only problem is, these changes have made my mental wheels start turning on other changes I’d like to make in my kitchen!  I’m going to have to do some arm-twisting to get my husband to work on them, so wish me luck!



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  1. Be still my heart! Vintage and Watkins spices and seasonings! My two favorite things in a kitchen!
    Great look, especially with the sign.

  2. Everything look great Angie! I love the metal and the sign addition to the hood. Perfect touches. Have a great Christmas!

  3. I love how rooms evolve. It is so much fun to let our houses show us what works best. The new blue sign mounted as it is just says how happy the kitchen is. Great job!

  4. It’s always fun how one things leads to another…this turned out beautifully, Angie! You have some wonderful collections and a lovely, functional space, too!

  5. It looks fabulous!

  6. It is absolutely charming! I am completely smitten with your old utensils, from the kraut cutter to the potatoe mashers! Enjoy your new look.

  7. I love it! The sign is a perfect addition and the metal sides are an added bonus! Great job.

  8. Angie,
    You’ve totally inspired me! I have open shelving in my kitchen similar to yours. For the life of me I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with them / how to use them to our best advantage. This post is a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful farmhouse kitchen!
    Hugs …

  9. Love how you displayed your sifter. Moving into my in-laws house and found a painted sifter I am going to display with a gas powered iron, cast irons, 1/2 pint jelly jars and glass lidded vegetable dishes witI was just down in her canning room in basement and found some huge lidded jars my hubby thought had been peanut butter jars but not sure. I have never seen this shape before. Also shelves of green canning jars with glass and galvanized? metal lids. I am in heaven. A few pieces of enamel ware and kerosene lanterns, some the glass ones for inside and several with the metal handles for carrying outside. Some from the railroad. Numbered railroad nails, etc. so needless to say I am looking for ways to display all my new found treasures and I really appreciate you sharing. Thank you.

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