Guest Cottage Room Reveal {in an Old Farmhouse Shed}

It’s finally finished!  We started this project in July of last year, and I was overly optimistic, and thought my new guest cottage room / photo studio would be done by the end of September.  Ha!  Well, at least it was completed before the end of September this year.  It was worth the wait though, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.
To give you an idea of the work that went into this room, you have to see what it looked like BEFORE.  This room is half of a outbuilding, that sits very close to our house, and is the original half of the building.  An additional room was added later that is much newer.  A woman who grew up in our home, came for a visit last year, and she said they told their dad years ago, that he should tear the old building down – that’s how old and run-down it was.  I’m really glad he didn’t do it though, because it really just needed some love … a LOT of it!  The newer half of the building is my workshop, and it is a total dump right now.  It is stuffed to the rafters with “junk” I work with, and needs a total remodel and reorganization, as well.  Don’t hold your breath, because I don’t see that happening soon.
At the bottom of this post are links about the work while it was in progress, and links to posts about some of the things my husband and I made specifically for this room (couch, pillow & lights), as well as posts about how we acquired some of the salvaged items used in this remodel (antique door and windows)
Come on in…
Cottage Guest Room in an Old Farmhouse Shed |
Barn Door Headboard in a Farmhouse Guest Room |
Antique telephone insulators in a Farmhouse Guest Room |

Drift Wood Wall Hooks in Guest House
Antique Ladder Flower Drying Rack |
Repurposed cable spool table and antique window |
The ancient wood floor had several holes in it, but replacing the floor would have been expensive, so we opted to paint it with heavy-duty floor paint, and just cover the holes with license plates.  It’s quirky, but it works.  I thought about painting over the plates to match the floor, but decided to just go with quirky instead.
I didn’t share in any of my in-progress posts what the floor looked like before, but you can see it in this photo while I was painting it.  I wish it could have been refinished, instead of painting it, but the wood is just too far gone for that.
My husband put so many hours into making this “dream” room a reality for me, put up with my constant “suggestions”, and he hasn’t dumped me for a wife that would let him enjoy his days off work, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you, honey!  I never cease to be amazed by his ability to accomplish any project I throw at him.  He hates to have his photo taken, so I have to be sneaky, when he doesn’t realize I’m snapping one, but here he is, putting the siding on the outside.
I also want to thank my 3 sons, who spent quite a few hours helping me paint this room, which may sound easy, but the old wood in the room DRANK paint, requiring multiple coats.
To see other remodeled rooms in our home, click HERE.
This was a fairly inexpensive room remodel because we left as much of the original room intact as possible, and we had lots of leftover supplies from our kitchen, laundry room & bathroom remodel projects.  We had old barn wood already, that we used on 1 wall, and bought salvaged corrugated metal for 1 wall for $20.  The antique front door and windows were free and nearly free (links about both below).  We covered holes and painted the original wood floor with heavy-duty deck paint, rather than replace it (although someday it will need to be replaced).  We limited brand new purchases to those really necessary, with just a few “splurges”.
Click on these images to view other rooms remodeled in our home.

Thanks to these sponsors who sent the following items that I used in this room:
Decorative Rope BallsHigh Plains Knot Work
Graphic Throw PillowElliott-Heath Designs
Lighting SuppliesVintage Wire and Supplies Co.

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  1. You do rustic better than anyone I know Angie. It’s perfect!

  2. I feel like I’ve been transported to a wonderful country cottage in Sweden! You had me at the charming lace curtains hanging in the window and the simple potted flower near the door. Book me for a week, please, Angie!! I’m always amazed at what you can do with lots of ingenuity and very little money. Bravo!

  3. When can I check in? It is so lovely I might just move in.

  4. Anonymous says

    Love it Just up my Ally! When can I use it /lol

  5. Oh wow, what a comfy and cozy guest cottage you’ve created on a budget. I love everything you’ve done, but I’m especially loving those floors!! Brilliant idea to just paint them and the license plates add so much charm. Love the corrugated metal too. Great job…what a team you have!

  6. Angie, it’s just beautiful! I love everything you’ve done, especially the corrugated metal wall…I need to find a place for one of those!

  7. Oh my goodness-where do I start? First, I love that you re-purposed this old shed into a guest cottage! Second-I love how you did it all on a budget. And third-I love everything about the decor-most especially-what you did to the floor! Awesome job, Angie, and thank you so much for the inspiration!

  8. It’s simply lovely. It looks comfy and so inviting. You and your family did a wonderful job.



  9. Absolutely adorable, every little detail. I love the tin wall and the framed It is Well With My Soul, in the window frame. There’s nothing that I don’t like. I want one of those to play in, sleep in, read in, and get away from the world in. Great and fabulous!

  10. You and you family did a fabulous job, Angie. The guest room turned out just great. It was a cool idea to use license plates to cover the floor holes and I love that you didn’t paint them. The ladder shelf is beautiful and your wicker sofa looks great in the room too. Your guests are lucky to be able to stay in such a wonderful room.

  11. I love what you did here! I wish that I had your creativity. I was thinking to myself while looking at the pictures that it would be a perfect B & B room! 🙂

  12. Fabulous! I bet your mom loves it.

  13. Oh my gosh… I’d never go back into the main house if I had this sweet thing in my yard! This is gorgeous! LOVE all the whites and metals… so cool!

  14. Angie, it turned out AMAZING! All that hard work paid off, and your guest cottage space is just so charming and cozy and pretty! I have a feeling people are going to be calling for reservations : ) I’ve said it before, you and your husband are an awesome design/construction team.

  15. This is great! Is your desk in the work room now? I’m sure you and your guests will enjoy this space for a long time.

  16. I LOVE this! I want to live there! You did a great job! Enjoy!

  17. I love it when people re-purpose old buildings and old items…you have done a great job…I am now in the process of turning an old storage trailer into a guest house…everything I am using is either paint that I had back in my closet and left over wall paper boarders as well as carpet other people took out of their home or rugs that I bought at yard sales…goodwill has also been a great resource…we even have lumber from an old house that was torn down that will be used to close in an extra room on the front…total cost to redo …a lot of elbow grease and less than $200….thanks for your inspiring article.

  18. It’s just perfect, what a wonderful spot and I love the license plates on the floor.

  19. Fantastic story…!!!!!!!
    Thank for sharing.

  20. This turned out so cute and practical. I love when people save and salvage older things, buildings, etc. Great job!

  21. Fantastic! Would love a project like this.

  22. Just amazing Angie. You work your magic on everything and it comes out so wonderfully. Love the corrugated wall and the white wood.

  23. Well Angie, you did it again! Such a quaint space that anyone would feel special being in.

  24. You need a guest book in there now like at B&B’s. And were those furring strips really necessary? Sounds like an extravagance to me.

  25. Pretty wonderful!!
    It’s such a great space!

  26. Turned out really nice Angie. You and your team are amazing to tackle a big job like this. Love how you decorated it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. So gorgoeus-I want to stay the night there! FAB FAB FAB!

  28. That is the cutest space ever! Isn’t it nice to have so many helping hands to make your dreams come true : )

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  29. What a beautiful space! Love all the work you and your family put into it, especially the corrugated walls.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  30. We all want a cute play house like that for our studio’s

  31. This turned out SO super cute! My hubs is thinking of making me a work-shed (I’m calling it a cottage) from pallets. I’m going to show him this one for inspiration!

  32. Angie,
    This is AWEsome! How cozy is that? Your kids will be begging to go to the timeout shed.
    La Verne@hope&salvage

  33. Can I come and visit?! =)


  34. This is awesome!! I will make it down to meet you in person some day!!!

  35. Aren’t those husbands that help you acheive your creative dream wonderful! I have one and I am so blessed and It looks like you are too! Love love the guest room….so when is the next vacancy? Sheryl

  36. While it looks lovely — I would REALLY like to see the same shot as the before pretty please! 😀

  37. That is amazing!! I love everything about it, but especially the licence plates on the floor to cover holes. It’s whimsical and genius. The corrugated metal wall with the painted walls is fabulous. Love all the little touches. And that sheet music window!!! Love it!

  38. That’s absolutely adorable! I have a question though, what happens to guests if they have to tinkle over night?!? This old lady goes at least 2 or 3 times a night, LOLOL! I’m just teasing of course, it’s a great space and any guest (young one, lol!) would be thrilled to stay in it!


  39. What a gorgeous space! You guys did an amazing job!

  40. Oh Angie, just saw this on facebook and had to run over – this is absolutely fabulous – love every single detail – how lucky to have a separate guest room – how great that you saw the potential – really gorgeous!

  41. Awesome! I love what you’ve done.

  42. So very CHARMING Angie! I love every detail. That quirky license plate on the floor makes me happy 🙂 I want to move in!!

  43. Do you have a picture of the entire room to see after like you do the before picture? I’d like to see the whole room and compare to the before picture. Thanks!

  44. I am absolutely in love. I have thought about this for a shed in our yard, but as much as I dream I hesitate because of mice. Have you had any problems or what are your solutions? I really would love an extra guest room and a quiet place to go and read!

  45. Absolutely fabulous, Angie! It’s so amazingly fantastic. Truly a haven for your guests. Now, I’m inspired to start dreaming about a guest house. Will show my hubby your photos and I’m 100% sure he will love all of it – especially the corrugated metal! Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  46. What a fabulous room, Angie! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to spend a night or two there.
    So many fabulous details, love it!

  47. Truly fabulous, you might consider naming this room …..” Recreated with treasures from the heart..” You are so talented Angie!

  48. Oh this is so beautiful! Takes me back to my Grandma’s house which had a little bunglow shed thingy converted into a sleep room. I love what you did!

  49. This room is sooooo wonderful, I’m drooling! Love every part of it, great job to you and your husband!

  50. Oh my goodness, can I invite myself over! Love it!

  51. It is gorgeous! Fit for a king and queen. Can I come over and stay the night?

  52. Thats it. I’m on the next plane! Great job!

  53. To be honest – you are a true artist with amazing vision and commitment. Your work is nothing short of outstanding. T

  54. This is outstanding! Hats off to the whole family on a job beautifully done! (visiting via Blogtalk) 🙂

  55. Angie, I LOVE this. I know how proud you must be. We have remodeled an old abandoned farm house and every inch had to be addressed! It was such hard work but a labor of love. I would love for you to visit my redo…
    Thanks for sharing. The tin on the walls and the license plates on the floor are my favorite parts!
    Thanks, Elaine

  56. Your guest room is fabulous! Repurpose is my favorite word and using license plates on the floor and old tin on the wall are stand out areas to me. Thanks for sharing. I know that you are proud of your accomplishment!
    Keep up your beautiful work,

  57. You did an amazing job with this little shed. I especially love the use of license plates to cover holes. Clever and such a cute idea even if there were not any holes to cover on the old flooring. Creative and charming.

  58. ANGIE!! I just went on a pinning spree, for real. Love every single detail. AMAZING job!

  59. Gorgeous times a million! Your talents certainly come through this cottage. Love your design and inspiration. I am happily sharing on my FB page later today 🙂

  60. I love this! Sharing today on FB! x

  61. Oh Angie – this is still one of my all time favorites – you guys really hit the ball out of the park with this one !!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours !

  62. I absolutely love this transformation, and sharing with my FB followers tonight. I know they’re going to love it! Thanks for hosting your best of 2014 posts with us. I linked a couple of mine as well. Happy New Year!

  63. Dawne Mezurek says

    I love what you did with the shed!! We have a 1850 2 room summer house on the property that is a storage shed and starting to need emergency attention before it’s past gone… love your ideas and inspiration on all ideas! Great work!

  64. Love it all! one question….how did you cut the corragated metal?

    thanks, kath

  65. This is by far one of my favorite spaces in your home. What a great little getaway for anyone, even yourself. It clears says “stay awhile”- no fuss no muss.

  66. So beautiful!! I love it!

  67. Did you age your tin? I love it!


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