Printable Antique Advertisement – Corset Waist

I may wish I had a waist this small, but I sure wouldn’t want to wear a contraption like they wore in 1918, when this antique advertisement was published in an Etude magazine of mine.   Good grief – I don’t even like wearing a bra with hooks!  Hmmm…was that too much information?  Ha – Sorry!

The first image is a PNG image, so all the background has been removed.


antique corset advertisement 3 copy



This is the complete original advertisement.

antique corset advertisement (2)

Regardless of how uncomfortable they may have been to wear…they sure are pretty to look at!

If you do something fun with either of these images, be sure to let me know!

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  1. Whenever I am in a museum with clothes from long ago, I’m always amazed at the waist sizes of the clothing. Well actually at the size of the clothing all in all. People were just so dang little back then compared to now. Actually of some that were so long ago- in the Rock-n-roll Hall of Fame there are clothes belonging to Freddie Mercury and Queen and The Rolling Stones – among others- that look like they would fit around one of my thighs!

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