Antique Clothing Store Advertisement

One of my antique store finds last week was a yearbook from our local high school from the 1920’s.  In the back of the yearbook is a “businessman’s section”with advertisements for local businesses.  Obviously in the 1920’s women didn’t own many businesses to place an advertisement in the yearbook.  Times sure have changed,haven’t they? It was interesting to see a few businesses that are still operating in my city,but most of them are gone now.  All of the banks that {Read More}

1920’s Antique Letter Image and Amazing Grace Sign Winner!

My apologies that I forgot to announce yesterday who the winner of one of the Amazing Grace signs was.  The winner is announced below. Coffee and tea lovers will enjoy this 1920’s antique letter from a wholesale grocer.  It has a King Cole Tea image on the top and a Luxor Coffee image on the bottom.  I love the font used in the name on the letterhead. This would be a great piece of ephemera to use as part of {Read More}

Vintage Advertisement Buttermilk Soap

 A few months ago, I purchased a lot of late 1800’s magazines, because they all had beautiful illustrations on the covers and were filled with wonderful images like this vintage advertisement for Buttermilk Toilet Soap.  This would be a perfect graphic to put on a glass jar to hold bath salts, cotton balls etc. (image transfer on glass tutorial here).  It would also be pretty as an iron on image on a towel.  Here’s the full advertisement the image came from. {Read More}

Antique Tin Can Advertisements

I was looking through photos and images that I’ve saved on my computer a few days ago, and discovered several antique advertisements that I’d edited, but never shared before. Old food advertisements make wonderful vintage style wall art to hang in the kitchen, or you can use them as an image transfer on flour sack towels. This one is a Heinz strawberry preserves tin can image.   This advertisement is for Dr. Price’s baking powder.     Here is the tin can image by itself. {Read More}

Antique Telephone Advertisement

Here’s a wonderful antique telephone advertisement that came from a 1910 The Housekeeper magazine. It would make a wonderful image transfer for a sign (just remember to reverse the image first), or it could be used as-is for decoupage (on laser jet paper, so the ink doesn’t smear). Enjoy! Many more antique advertisements can be found HERE.

Flower Seeds Co. Advertisement – Mystic Seed Co.

With the frigid weather we’ve been having lately, it may not feel like it, but Spring’s a comin’!!! Is anyone else counting down the days until Spring?  I keep trying to remind myself that even when it arrives, it’s likely to be at least several weeks until it actually feels like spring, but just knowing it will be here soon, makes me tolerate these cold winter days a little better. I found a few antique flower seeds company advertisements in my collection {Read More}

1900’s Royal Baking Powder Advertisement

I’ve shared several antique baking powder advertisements in the past, and this is another one from the early 1900’s for Royal Baking Powder, from a magazine in my collection.  I’d love to get my hands on one of the actual cans! I think this would look wonderful as wall art in the kitchen.   Many more antique advertisements like these can be found HERE. Enjoy!

Antique Graphic -1900’s Invoice with Native American Logo

For those who love antique graphics, and are history buffs, this is an early 1900’s invoice showing a Native American man with a pipe, and Buffalo heads on the sides. It was from the Iroquois Door Company.   I love learning the history behind antique images, and I discovered that this company started in 1904 in Buffalo, New York, but sadly, it closed in 1989.  The buildings are now occupied by a textiles company that makes makes sporting goods. I {Read More}

Antique Wallpaper Invoice Image

Today, I’m sharing a wonderful antique wallpaper invoice from 1900.  It has a wonderful assortment of lettering on it.  I think it would look great as a decorative wall print for a craft room, or as an image transfer. {CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE}   Here’s the reverse image for transfer projects.   {Click HERE to see more beautiful antique advertisement images.

Vintage Coffee Advertising Trade Card

Today, I have a wonderful image from an 1800’s advertising trade card for Lion Coffee.  It’s a collectible trade card that was included in the coffee packages.  I think this would be perfect printed as a sign to hang above a coffee station, or used as a label to add to a storage tin. Here’s the reversed image, which can be used for transfer projects, as well. Enjoy and be sure to let me know if you use this image on one {Read More}