DIY Christmas Sign and Mrs. Claus Printable

 I may not love to cook and bake, but I do love cooking up new projects and printables to share with you all, and I’m really excited with how adorable my latest DIY Christmas sign turned out!

I had so many sweet compliments on the Mrs. Claus Cookie Company wooden sign I made, that I decided to design a printable chalkboard sign version that anyone can print for themselves, without needing to mess with making a stencil or painting.  I’m also including the tutorial to make this easy rustic wooden frame, although you can also just print the sign and put it in a frame.

Mrs. Claus DIY Christmas sign with rustic frame tutorial -

I gave the print a red chalkboard background, and changed the letters and wording a bit from my original sign, and added a cute rolling pin at the bottom.

Chalkboard Printable Christmas Sign

Here the image in reverse, in case you’d like to use it as a transfer. (non-watermarked image HERE)

To make the frame, a wood strip into 4 pieces.  I used furring strips, because they are rough cut, and give a rustic look.  The 2 longer pieces were cut in 14″ lengths, and the shorter ones were cut 7-3/4″.  I stained them all and allowed them to dry, then used my palm sander to distress them.

wooden frame parts

To assemble the frame, most people would use either L-brackets or mending braces, but I didn’t have either on hand.  I really wanted to get the project finished and photographed, so my husband rooted through my can full of rusty bits and pieces and found 4 old hinges, which worked fine too.  Whatever works, right?  I didn’t bother staining the back sides.  What you do see stained is just where I made a mess while staining the front sides.

frame assembly

I didn’t want to permanently attach the print to the frame, so I removed the  cardboard back from another photo frame, and used painter’s tape to secure the print to the cardboard.  After the holidays, I can switch out this print for another one, without having to make a new frame.  My Chalkboard Prayers signs will look wonderful in this frame.

Christmas print attached

The cardboard back I used has an attached stand, but you can also attach D-rings, or sawtooth hangers to the frame for wall hanging.

Mrs. Claus print attached

Just screw the cardboard back into the back of the wood frame, and you’re ready to hang your DIY Christmas sign!

Mrs. Claus DIY Christmas sign with rustic frame tutorial -

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  1. I love it! And I love the color!

  2. I just love this. Thank you for allowing everyone to make one for their own. I’m off to the basement to look for a frame.

  3. This is a cute idea Angie thanks.

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    This is so cute, thanks and have a Blessed day.

  5. This is really cute! I love it!

  6. Love this!!! This project & the other Mrs. Claus projects have inspired me to create my own Mrs. Claus kitchen décor this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your creativity & this printable. I was wondering what font you used for this printable. I’d like to use it throughout my décor as well. Thank you so much!

  7. I HAVE to make this sign!!!

  8. I don’t seem to be able to access the password, Angie. I just looked where you said it was at the bottom of your email–I’m not sure which one–and I can’t find it. Am I totally confused? I think I must have missed something! Somewhere! Help!

  9. Angie! I am having the same problem as Naomi! I’m a subscriber, and a customer who has purchased several of your great stencils, but I have searched a couple past emails and cannot find a password! Help me also, please?!
    Thanks so very much! I LOVE your work, and am “dying” to get the ones you have offered!

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