Farmhouse Table Makeover…Again

Kitchen tables have been like a revolving door in my house over the last several years.  We started out with an oak table (sorry, no photo of it) that we bought about 9 years ago, when we still lived in Missouri.

When we moved to Illinois, we used the table for a few months, but it was too long for our new kitchen, so when we remodeled the kitchen (seen here), my husband removed the legs, and I painted and distressed them, then we added those legs to an old cellar door, which was smaller in size.

farmhouse kitchen

I was never 100% in love with it, so when I found this antique farmhouse table over the summer, which I did 100% love, I painted the base and refinished the top, and moved it into my kitchen.

Farmhouse Table

We lived with the table for several months, but the top was really wonky.  The boards were uneven, and anything you set on it would wobble.  I finally broke down and asked my husband to remove all the boards, and attach the previous cellar door on to the farmhouse table base.

It wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but at least we’d have a flat surface to eat on until I can replace the top with something else.  This table expands HUGE, and eventually, I’d love to add a dining room to our house, that would hold a larger table.  If that day ever comes, I’d like to put new leaves on the table, so it can expand to its full size (it was missing all the leaves when I bought it).

Since I’ll be living with the cellar door for awhile longer (probably a LONG while), I decided to refinish the top.  When we refinished it the first time, the wood stain color we used had a very red tone, which I never liked, and the poly we used to seal it, made it too glossy looking.  I recruited my teenage son to do most of the sanding, and I jumped in whenever he needed a break.

The only problem with the new plan (aside from the huge amount of work it was), is that my husband attached the cellar door to the table legs, making it too large to get out the doorway, so we could sand it outside.

Now for  the world’s dumbest DIY moment…We did the sanding IN the kitchen.  I feel like an idiot even admitting this, but it didn’t even occur to me to cover things up, or put things away.  I knew it would make a bit of a mess, but I figured most of the mess would land on the floor.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Sawdust landed EVERYWHERE – within minutes of starting.  Sawdust covered all the dishes, cups and silverware (remember, I have open shelves).  It coated all my counters and window sills, and it even went into the entryway, living room and bathroom.  Yes…completely dumb, I know.  This is what the top of my microwave looked like.  Now, multiply that by the rest of the kitchen, and you’ll understand why we spent several hours cleaning it all up.

sanding dust

 I took just a few shots after we sanded it down, and none of them are great photos, but here’s what it looked like once we sanded it down.

farmhouse table top sanded

We didn’t attempt to sand off every mark on the wood, because that would have removed all the character as well.  We just focused on getting the glossy, reddish finish off.

sanded wood table top

I sealed it with several coats of tung oil, and it looked nice, but was just a little too pale for my taste, so I went over it with a coat of Minwax Early American stain, and it really gave warmth to the wood, and accented all the age marks and wear beautifully.

Repurposed Door Farmhouse Table

I feel like I can totally live with this table now, at least until we have a larger dining space to put a longer table in.

farmhouse kitchen table

I’m hoping that happens before my kids start marrying, and bringing grand babies to visit!

ironstone pitcher on farmhouse table

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  1. How clever. Love it Angie!

  2. Ellie LaJuett says

    Love it!!! Great looking table

  3. It’s just perfect now 🙂

  4. The table looks beautiful, Angie! Cleaning up that dust must have been a wonderful time!

  5. Bon Beechler says

    Hi Angie that story reminds me of the time I was moving into our current home and I wanted to re-do the bathroom walls. I planned to paint a scene on the walls, as if you were looking out to sea, and there was the corner where the commode is that would be the jungle, so I wanted a black background to work with. I carefully (I thought) taped plastic over everything and sprayed black paint on the walls. After it dried, I pulled up my plastic only to find I had NOT covered the area in back on the floor properly, and it had an overlay of black. I suppose I could have scrubbed it off the lino, but instead I chose to paint some vine tendrils there also. It turned out great-and I suppose the lemonade in your story is you now have a jump start on spring cleaning!

  6. Happy New Year, Angie! The table looks great. I hope it appreciates what you went through to make it more beautiful. Cheers, Ardith

  7. It’s gorgeous! You had me cracking up about sanding in the house. I think we’ve all had those what-was-I-thinking moments at one time or another. I know I’ve had plenty!


  8. Love your table Angie … love how the stain turned out. I am wanting a farmhouse table for our breakfast room, but like you, don’t have much space.
    Blessings for 2015.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Love it Angie. Ya’ll did a great job! And it shows (all over the house) Haha. Been there done that!

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    Well,at least now you have your Spring cleaning done,love the table,know it was worth all the trouble.

  11. We have all done things like that so don’t feel bad. Live and learn right! The table looks fabulous!

  12. I, too, have a dining room table with the “wonky” issue! Without the leaves, it’s not a problem. But when I put the leaves in, it’s “wonky” as can be! We have friends over several times a month for dining, playing cards, etc. and, since this is the big table in our house, it’s the table we use. It’s too much trouble to take the leaves in and out and it’s definitely embarrassing and frustrating when people notice the “wonk” (and you can’t help but notice it)!! You have given me inspiration, a starting point, if you will! I love your table, the darker top, all nice and even, and the chunky white base! I am definitely going to get to work on my table, decide if the top is fixable and, if not, start looking for a replacement top – like your lovely cellar door. And since my dog has chewed on the base a little, I plan to paint it, also. So, thank you, thank you for your post and the motivation!!

  13. I can definitely feel your pain as regards sanding in the kitchen…we made the same mistake when we had to do a small renovation to one of the cupboards so we could fit our new fridge underneath. I never thought to cover things up in the kitchen, nor did I even think to remove any of the stuff from the adjacent cupboard. Needless to say, we wound up with a mess and, consequently, many hours of cleanup, but it’s a lesson now cemented in my mind for a lifetime. I just wish I could learn the easy way for once…haha!

    That is a lovely table, by the way, and I absolutely adore the colour of the table top…you did an amazing job on it! I’m in need of a table and now I’m thinking I should start hunting down an old cellar door…if only I could be so lucky! Thank you for the inspiration and I hope you get that larger dining-room soon!

  14. Wow,,, lots of work but so sweet. I am loving your amazing farmhouse table.
    Happy New Year and may you and your family enjoy many meals on your new old table.

  15. Great color finish, lots of age and character.

  16. Sarah Nelson says

    I watch a lot of reno shows, and they usually show a sander with a vac attachment. That might be a really good Christmas present next year!!!

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