Antique Graphic -1900’s Invoice with Native American Logo

For those who love antique graphics, and are history buffs, this is an early 1900’s invoice showing a Native American man with a pipe, and Buffalo heads on the sides. It was from the Iroquois Door Company.   I love learning the history behind antique images, and I discovered that this company started in 1904 in Buffalo, New York, but sadly, it closed in 1989.  The buildings are now occupied by a textiles company that makes makes sporting goods.

Antique Invoice Iroquois Door Company

1900's native american image

I particularly like the typography of the words, Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo New York

Here is just the header portion of the invoice.

1900's invoice

signature graphics

Antique Graphics from Knick of Time

signature closing






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  1. Love how they look like! Enjoy your week… Alexandra

  2. WOW…$59.87 sure bought you A LOT back in 1913! Imagine getting your house fitted with windows and a door for that! Such crisp colours on the logo, too! What a treasure…thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. Love the logo, and the invoice, as well! We will be waiting to see what wonderful thing you do with the logo graphic! 🙂

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