When you really want a grandchild, but get a rocking chair instead

Somebody in my family better have a baby soon, because vintage children’s items keep adopting me.

I assure you – I am not looking for them, but when a little kid calls out to you, it’s hard to resist.

First, it was an adorable child’s chair.

Then, it was a child’s doll cradle.

Now this little sweetie of a rocking chair.

What’s a woman who wants grandchildren to do, except bring home whatever child she can snatch up …

even if it is child furniture?

Yes, it’s a bit homely looking right now, but homely children need love too, and I have lots of love to give!

child's rocking chair

So, I pampered the little fella (cause it looks like a boy to me), with a fresh coat of paint, and he’s looking more rosy-cheeked already, wouldn’t you say?

But I thought I’d really spoil him rotten, and add some dots.

painted rocking chair

I don’t have a steady hand though, so I made a cheater little polka dot “stencil” out of painter’s tape.

Sshhh…it’s our secret.

painted polka dots


mint green

The chair must have originally had a seat cushion attached to it, because there were little holes where it was attached.  I added twill tape around it, to cover up the holes.

twill tape

Here’s the little guy – all gussied up!  Isn’t he adorable?!  He just needed a little love (and a teddy bear always helps too!)

vintage rocking chair

In case you’re wondering, the color of the paint is called Laurentien, by Fusion Mineral Paint.  It’s one of those colors that looks different, depending on the light.  In natural light, it looks like robin’s egg blue, but in darker light, it looks a bit like a light mint green.

This charming little chair is available in my online shop HERE.

vintage child's rocking chair


signature fountain pen

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  1. Adorable! I can’t pass up a child’s chair! Love the color!

  2. I love your polka dots! What a cute and special little touch.

  3. I have this chair! Well not that exact chair- but you know what I mean! It did have a cushion and little box pleat skirt. The fabric in mine is kind of dark maroon and black print. Mine is in my shed waiting to be re-done. I love the color! And it is perfect for a girl or a boy!

  4. sandi Allen says

    Love, Love, Love the tranformation of Your little chair!
    Love the color too!

  5. that is a beautiful color!


  6. This chair is so stinkin’ cute!!!!! Too bad my grandsons are too big!

  7. marylee parker says

    I love the rock chair face lift ..

  8. I have always loved children’s chairs. When I left Atlanta the first time (I lived there twice) I sold my own chair from childhood. I wish I had kept it, however, when one moves as much as I do, it is not easy to keep so many things. I have since had several childrens chairs but now am down to none. I will be getting another when I see one that I see and love. I feel they are so cute in a home even if there are no children around. I especially loved it when I had one sitting by a fireplace in my condo in Atlanta. We don’t need fireplaces on my tropical island, however, I will make room for one and may even put books on it. You will have grandchildren so you might as well start collecting the chairs and putting them around your home. They may bring good luck. Love and bless you.

  9. Mary Sue Chatfield says

    Every child, grandchildren included, needs a little antique rocker! We made sure each of our four grandchildren had one. What fun!

  10. Very cute! Easy way to do dots? Find a pencil with a new eraser. Dip the eraser end in paint and dot away….works every time. Easy peasy.

  11. Oh, how sweet! Adore the polka dots! I have to tell you that a grandchild would think that chair was awesome!

  12. This is my current rant, “Someone Give Me A Grandbaby”. Even if I txt it to my sons & daughters in-law all I get back is, when are you moving here? Both my sons live in Florida. They want us there and we’re thinking about it. But I’m negotiating, move for babies.
    I have lots of heirlooms ready to go.
    Signed Empty Armed Grandma
    Barbara Ann
    etsy.com /shop /barbaraannscreations

  13. Adorable! I love the color you chose, and the polka dots add a fun touch. I have a weakness for childrens’ furniture, clothing, toys….everything! Right now we have young grandchildren so I have a good excuse for collecting it. :o)

  14. I just love the little child’s rocking chair you’ve redone!!! If I had gotten it, I wouldn’t have been able to decide what color to paint it. The polka dots??? They’re an adorable touch to a beautiful rocking chair! A+A+A+!!

  15. Our grandkids are beyond this stage, already. BUT … we have 1 GG daughter who just turned 6, and I’m thinking this would be wonderful for her! Such a cute project and great job, Angie.

  16. Oh, good golly, what an adorable little “boy” you have there! How clever using painters tape as a makeshift polka-dot stencil! I so dearly hope you get that grandchild soon so you can spoil him/her with beautiful creations such as these!

  17. Naomi S. says

    The paint surely made a treasure out of that little chair. The dots are so cute, but I think they should be on the legs, too. Just for balance. Great job, Angie!

  18. That is the cutest little chair!!! The addition of the dots and ribbon were great touches. When that lucky baby comes along they will definitely have lots of things to enjoy. Love IT!!

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