Valspar Chalky Finish Paint Review – Painted Mason Jars & Sign

Have you heard the news that Lowes is now carrying new Valspar Chalky Finish Paint?  This is great news for those who like premixed chalk style paint, but don’t live near any retailers of Annie Sloan or other chalk style paints.

I heard it was coming out, and was looking forward to testing it.  I’ve tried a lot of chalk-style paints, as well as made my own, so I wanted to see how it compares.

Valspar Chalky Finish Paint Chalk Paint at Lowes Review -

Valspar® chalky finish paint review -


Since I had just finished arranging an enamelware grouping on my kitchen shelf, I decided I’d make a sign to hang above it, which would give me a chance to test the paint on a small piece, before using it on something larger.

I selected the color Trousseau Blue and painted it onto a piece of really rustic old wood.

Valspar Chalky Finish Paint

This is what the paint looked like once dry.  I love the pretty matte finish.

valspar chalk paint product review -

I usually use sandpaper to distress, but when possible, I prefer to use the wet distressing method.  I think you can achieve a much more authentically aged look, so I really wanted to test and see how well the Valspar paint would work using this method.

wet distressing paint Valspar chalky finish paint

I was 100% satisfied!  The paint looks like it gradually aged over time – not like it was artificially distressed.

aged paint finish

And here’s how the completed sign turned out.  I really love the color, and would love to use it on a piece of furniture now.

Lowes Valspar Chalk Paint at Lowes Product Review -

I painted two canning jars as well, to see how the paint would perform on glass.  It did require 2 coats to fully cover brush strokes, but it turned out wonderful.  I’ll be filling these with flowers all summer long, I’m sure.

painted glass canning jars with Valspar chalky finish paint product review by Knick of Time -

painted jars valspar chalky finish paint

Cost Comparison – the price  of the paint is comparable to other premixed chalk style paints.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retails for around $35 a quart; Valspar is about $30 for 29 ounces, so it is a bit less expensive, and  you don’t need to pay shipping fees like you would if you don’t live near any chalk style paint retailers.

Comparing the price to mixing your own chalky paints is difficult, because when mixing your own, the cost depends on the type of paint you purchase, and what you add to the paint to produce the chalk-like look..

Sizes – At this time, Valspar Chalky Finish Paint is only available in the 29 oz. size.  I do think they should make sample sizes available, as most chalky paint customers are accustomed to being able to purchase sample sizes, and often don’t want a larger can.

My thoughts

I was very satisfied with everything about this paint, and I would recommend it!  It comes in many colors and is tintable!

The paint is fairly thick and creamy, and I did experiment with watering it down just a bit.  I used the watered down paint on a basket and it covered it very well. For durability, I wouldn’t recommend doing it on things like furniture, just crafty types of projects where durability isn’t such a concern.

Waxes – Valspar has also come out with their own clear sealing and antiquing wax.  I’ve never been a fan of Minwax furniture wax, and I’ve always wished I had a local source for better wax, so I was eager to try it.

Valspar Sealing WaxValspar Antiquing Wax product review by Knick of Time -


Cost The wax costs about $17 per pint (16 oz.), compared to about $25 for 500 ml (about a pint) for Annie Sloan wax, about $19 for Fiddes and Sons wax, and $10-15 for Minwax Finishing Wax (also about a pint), so the price is on the low end for waxes.  As I said, I don’t like the Minwax brand of wax, but I’m adding it for comparison sake.

ApplicationThe consistency of the waxes are like room temperature margarine – extremely soft.  It applies easily with a brush. After applying the wax, wipe off any excess before the wax begins to dry.

I tested both of the waxes on a piece cut off from the edge of my sign wood, so I could see the results before applying them on my sign.

Valspar Sealing Wax and Antiquing Wax Product Review by Knick of Time -

Here is the Valspar Sealing and Antiquing Wax side by side.

Valspar Sealing Wax and Antiquing Wax Product Review by Knick of Time -

My thoughts

I was satisfied with the Sealing Wax.  I didn’t love it any more or less than other waxes I’ve tried, but it was fine, so I would purchase it again in the future.  The instructions didn’t say anything about buffing the waxed surface, as most waxes instruct you to do, but I did and there was a nice, smooth, and satiny finish afterward.

The Antiquing Wax, I was less impressed with.  First of all, you need to apply a base of the sealing wax first, let it dry, then apply the antiquing wax.  That’s 2 coats of wax needed to obtain an antiqued finish (double $$).

I read the directions on the can, pamphlet and website, and the only thing thing any of them said was to work in small sections, brushing the antiquing wax on, then to wipe off the excess.  When I did that, the beautiful paint color became dirty looking.  I thought maybe I hadn’t rubbed enough off, so I rubbed harder.  While that did remove a little more of the wax, the paint still looked dirty.  Next, I dipped a rag into the sealing wax, and tried wiping away some of the antiquing wax.  That did improve the appearance of the paint color, but this is a step I added – not that their directions included.  The photo above was taken after I did that final step.

For comparison, I used my normal method of antiquing with wax + Vintage Storehouse Antiquing Powder (more about it HERE).  I used the VS powder over the area that previously had just the Valspar Sealing Wax.  Here are the two finishes side by side.

antique paint finish

Vintage Storehouse has many colors of antiquing powder, but the one I had on hand is called Chestnut, which is a fairly dark color – darker than I would normally use with this blue paint, but it gives you an idea of what the powder looks like when applied.

I used the same method of putting wax on a rag to wipe away the excess powder, as I did on  the antiquing wax above.  I felt that the VS antiquing powder did a much better job of accenting the nooks and crannies in the old wood than the Valspar antiquing wax did – without taking away from the beautiful paint color, but as I said, I would select a lighter shade of powder for this paint color in the future.

After all my comparison tests, I decided to use only the Valspar clear Sealing Wax on my sign.  I loved the paint color and really just wanted to protect it rather than risk ruining it by adding anything more to it.

It is the perfect finishing touch above my enamelware collection!

how to paint an antique sign with valspar chalky finish paint

My Thoughts in a Nutshell

1.  I would highly recommend Valspar Chalky Finish Paint.

2.  I would use Valspar Sealing Wax and recommend it more than paste waxes (like Minwax), but not necessarily above other soft waxes.  I found it comparable to other soft waxes.

3.  At this time, I would not recommend Valspar Antiquing Wax.  Perhaps I was using it incorrectly, although I followed the minimal instructions available from the company.

I do hope that Valspar will add some videos, and clearer directions to their website, so customers know exactly how to use their products.

CLICK HERE to read my review of Valspar Chalky Finish Spray Paint.

Valspar Chalky Finish Spray Paint Review -

signature fountain pen

See more of my signs on salvaged wood HERE.

salvaged wood signs

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  1. Never heard of the Balspar chalky paint but I am going to try it! Thanks! Love the sign.

  2. I’ve really liked Valspar when I’ve used it, so this sounds like something I’d like to try. A 29 oz can though, is a lot more than I would want of one color. Hopefully they will come out with some smaller sizes.

  3. Angie your new sign is perfect! It looks great above your enamelware. I like the wipe off method too. I am in the process of doing a desk and used the wipe off method accidentally at first, but loved the outcome so continued to use it. I’ll be using it a lot more. It is a lot less work than sanding and a lot less messy! 🙂 Julie

  4. So informative since I use chalk paint all the time! Thank you! Can’t wait to keep following your blog. Check out mine if you have a moment!
    Happy day!

  5. I have to ask since you said you preferred method of distressing is wet distressing… was my preferred method as well. Do you think if you are able to wet distress that the durability long term is less than say that of something you are unable to wet distress. Do you worry about long term adhesion? I used to use a popular chalk paint that I could wet distress and I loved that I could do that. But 12 months later while lightly dusting that same piece I wound up with that paint coming off on my duster. Made me research further and changed my mindset on some of the products I was using. I love the color of the sign and the distressed look. And um, (raising right hand) I am an enamelware junkie. 😉 Love your blog…it is perfect partnered with my morning coffee.

    • Lorna, if you didn’t seal a painted project with most chalk-style paints, then they would’n’t be very durable long-term. If you seal them with wax, tough coat, or another type of sealer, they would be fine though. I prefer using paints that CAN be wet distressed, because I can get the aged look I want, then seal it to protect it. Regular latex and acrylic paints just won’t allow me to do that.

  6. Thanks so much for the information. I had no idea that Lowes carried this paint and I do like the chalky paint. Good to know.

  7. This review was extremely informative and helpful. The step-by-step description of the process and accompanying photos clarified your technique for me and is greatly appreciated. Cost is also a big factor for any project I invest in, but I rarely find anyone who will compare products by name and effectiveness. Your willingness to share your knowledge and talent brings me back to your blog again and again. Many thanks!

  8. the sign looks great and thank you so much for the honest and thorough evaluation of the new products. I’m intrigued by the “wet towel” distressing method. Must try it out.
    Thanks again.

  9. Angie – it was great to read your review – I work at Lowe’s – filling in at the Paint dept at times – saw we just got the chalk paint it and am thinking about using it to re-do my bathroom cabinet. Interesting comparison with the waxes…I’ve always used Johnson Paste Wax and love it so I’ll be sticking with that. As for the likelihood of samples…haven’t heard anything about that…but I would be surprised if they offered sample sizes…there’s already so much other stuff to keep track of at the paint counter, I can’t imagine throwing in one more thing…but I imagine that if they hear the cry of consumers for this need, it might happen.

    • My husband is a department manager at Lowes too, Amy (which is how I heard about the paint coming out before it hit the shelves). I’m thinking since they already offer the same sizes of other paints, they may make it available for the chalky paint too, but we’ll have to wait and see!

  10. Angie, I love all your work – who doesn’t! And I have a lot of in in my home! I start with that because I’d like to present another side to the chalky finish issue – one that I think is very important to many people – the environmental safety of the product. I love to try to paints and crafting products, so have used all the major brands of chalk and mineral paint. All of them contain no-no’s in today’s environment – VOC’s, co-polymers, ethylene glycol, fungicides and solvents. Another brand of paint was recommended to me, American Paint Company’s Chalk and Clay paint – it has NONE of these things! And its made in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so its our own made-in-the-USA brand paint. It is odorless, and SAFE to use around our pets and kids.
    They have lots of retailers, and on-line retailers, with shipping being very reasonable. I know you all will say this is an advertisement – but with so many new chalky type paints coming to the big box stores, consumers need to know what they ARE and ARE NOT getting. I stopped using others because they gave me a sore throat and cough for several days after painting. American Paint Company paint does neither which makes it particularly great for mom’s painting inside while little ones play.

  11. Thanks so much for this great review!!! I had no idea about this brand and I’m one of those that has to drive about 45 minutes each way to get to an Annie Sloan retailer. Your sign looks perfect!

  12. Love the sign! The color came up beautifully and looks perfect with your enamelware collection!!

    LOVE Valspar paints! Will surely try using their chalk paint once it is out in my local store. My local Lowes does not have this…..yet. I did find a chalk paint at Home Depot that I have not tried. Have you had a chance to try their Americana Décor paint? The prices are similar to the Valspar and there are several nice colors to choose from. Have you tried it and if you did, what did you think about the Home Depot Americana Décor chalk paint?
    Treasures by Renee

  13. Thank you Angie for all your hard work for our benefit. But I am just now getting into the sign making craft (still reading), and am unclear as to the method of “wet distressing” you speak of … do you have a tutorial on all these steps?

    • Maggie, I haven’t done a tutorial on wet distressing, but it’s nothing more than using a damp rag to wipe on areas of the paint that would become naturally distressed on old pieces.

  14. Wow Angie, that was a very detailed product review, I sure hope I can find this product here (paint and clear wax) we’re sometimes slower to get the good stuff! 😉 I love your sign, it’s perfect!

  15. WOW!!! I am very excited about this. I work with Annie Sloan chalk paint frequently and love it. However, I am glad to see that Valspar has stepped into the pond and introduced chalk paint. Even better……the cost. Thanks so much for this introduction and your opinions.

  16. Your new sign looks soooooooo sharp hanging above your enamelware…LOVE that blue! I’m hoping that Lowe’s in Canada will start carrying the Valspar Chalk Paint, too, so I can give it a try…I just checked their website and, so far, no go, unfortunately. I like the look that a wax topcoat can give, particularly if it’s tinted, but I’m not sure about how to handle the aftercare of a waxed piece…can you polish it like you would any other piece of furniture?

  17. Great review, you should get compasated for it. It was very through. Love the sign.

  18. Thank you so much for this! I have a Lowes right down the street so it is so convenient and great to know. I am still experimenting with my distressing techniques so maybe a new paint will help. 🙂

  19. Ooooooo……I had no idea they came out with a chalky paint. I love Valspar paint and can’t wait to try this!

  20. I love the sign, Angie. It is just the right touch over the enamelware. Thanks for the heads-up on the Valspar products, too. I am going to check them out at my nearby Ace Hardware, where they carry Valspar paints.

  21. I swear I commented earlier but I just don’t see it…thanks Angie for the review – I’m thinking of painting my bathroom cabinets and thought about using this…I work at Lowe’s and fill in at the Paint Dept sometimes – we just got in this chalk paint. For those of you hoping for a sample size, I don’t know what Valspar has planned but I would doubt it – there’s already so much at the Paint counter that we need to keep track of…but I imagine if enough people asked for it…
    And Angie, I’ve been using Johnson’s Paste Wax for years and love it – just another option to think about…your sign turned out terrific!

  22. ok the paint is beautiful, but, angie, you are such an amazing artist with incredible style!! LOVE the way you style each photo, and all the little details!! <3

  23. Anna-Marie Sibon says

    Thank you for your review, it was quite informative. I have two questions though. Did you use one or two coats of paint on your sign (Valspar says to use two) and if it was one coat was it sufficient? When you used the wet distressing method, how dry was the paint? Thank you again!!

    • Anna-Marie, I only used one coat of paint, because that was sufficient for my sign, but if I were painting furniture, I would use 2 coats. The coverage was wonderful with just one coat though!

  24. I use Valspar paint all the time and had not heard of the Chalky paint line. I love the blue and your sign is pretty – aged and distressed.

  25. I am an enamelware collector too – ooooh I probably have way too much, which means I really need a sign like this. The blue is lovely, however I’d need in a different color. Maybe it’s time for me to start playing with paint and wood. Thanks for all the info too, I love the learning.

  26. Anna-Marie Sibon says

    I posted a comment and 2 questions last night, and I don’t see my comment here???

  27. Anna-Marie Sibon says

    I just posted and asked where my post, with questions, from yesterday went. That post didn’t show up either.

  28. I love your new sign Angie, it looks really nice above your enamelware. Nice color too! I’m glad Lowes is finally carrying chalk paint, maybe Home Depot will start too. Thanks for sharing your wet distressing method. I don’t know why I never thought of that, I use it when I mess up to clean it off and repaint something. I’m going to try that next time.

  29. Thanks for the review! it’s great to know that a hardware store by me carries chalk paint! BTW, your sign looks great!

  30. Not only have I not used any of the products you tried, you’re the place I first heard of them. I’m going to check out this powder you are using.

  31. Really glad to have found your review online because I just saw Valspar’s chalk paint in Lowe’s tonight. I too wish they had sample sizes but I think with the review you’ve given here, nearly anyone would feel good about purchasing this if Annie Sloan Chalk Paint wasn’t available. I’ve tried ASCP and done several DIY chalk paint projects. I think trying Valspar’s will be fun! By the way, LOVE your sign. So pretty and it really looks authentically aged. 😀

  32. I have yet to use Chalk paint and this was so informative that I feel like it will be a simple way for me to start. I live in a small town so none of these products are available unless I order on line. I am sure they are around in the nearest town from me ( about 40 minutes one way) but I like knowing right away that I can find these at the big box stores…thanks. Love the tutorial.

  33. Thank you for posting – your input was extremely helpful. I’m
    Really excited about trying the paints on a vintage dresser 🙂

  34. I’m so glad I found your blog! I just recently heard about chalk paint and need to paint a desk that I rescued from a friend. I was at Lowes tonight and saw the Valspar Chalky Paint and bought it in color ‘Clara’s Cape’ (olive green) because I’m too impatient to order ASCP online or drive an hour to the nearest retailer. I was worried about my decision until I read your blog. Now I can’t wait to paint my desk!
    Also, I love your sign so much you have inspired me to make one for my craft room since I’ll have plenty of paint!

  35. I’m so glad I came across your blog today!!!! I want to try on a cabinet my dad made me that is painted a brown color that I’m just not fond of anymore….they are trying to talk me into the blue color you did….do you think it would cover ok? Or any thoughts/tips you would have for me…..I’ve never chalk painted before

    • It should cover the paint just fine, Stacie. You’ll probably need a few coats if the brown is really dark. Good luck! I’d love to see a photo of it when you are finished!

  36. Would you recommend diluting the valspar chalk paint? I have never used chalk paint but have been doing some internet research.i have seen recommendations to dilute by 20% but with other brands such as Annie Sloan. I am going to repainted a side board that was my great grandmothers

  37. Could I use Valspar antiquing wax over Heirloom Traditions Chalk paint?

  38. I’ve got a coffee table that I’m planning to gel stain (espresso) on top and chalk paint (a light grey) the drawers & base. You mentioned something early on about the paint not seeming durable enough for furniture? Is this before the wax is applied, or overall? With 3 teenagers & 2 big dogs sharing our home durability is key! If you think it would be okay, what is the best method for applying chalk paint to large flat surfaces? Brush or roller? I’m aiming for as smooth a finish as possible. Not planning to distress it much if at all.

  39. I wanted to say that I wanted to paint a headboard that I bought. I went a hour drive to get the Anne Sloan. It cost me 48.00 and I was not happy with the result. Didn’t have enough to finish it and I had a hard time trying to match it with anything else. I ended going and buying Valspar Chalky paint and I am so happy with this paint. One quart allow me to cover the whole headboard and end of headboard. I decided since I had so much left over to do a second coat. I am so please with this paint versus Anne Sloan. I like it because the paint is easy to apply and also covers it first coat. I will never buy Anne Sloan again. For all the rave you read on the internet that was not my experience. Mine cost me 48.00 for a quart. This experience really open my eyes. I could have bought the headboard already done since I spent so much money doing it.

  40. Is the trousseau blue comparable to the annie Sloan duck egg blue in your opinion?

  41. andrea schmidt says

    How did you put your words on? I want to make a sign with pallet wood and I’m afraid of”bleeding” this chalk paint is perfect for a few if my projects. I can’t wait to get some!

    • Andrea, I have a Silhoette Cameo to cut stencils. You can also buy alphabet stickers and paint over them, then pull the sticker off and the letter image will remain, with the base color being the color of the letter.

    • Hi, I make signs all the time. I design on and blow it up to the size I want on Print it out. Tape it in place, I tape just the top because I slide graphite paper (I get at Michaels) under it and trace the letters onto the sign and then hand paint the letters in.

      And Angie….thanks for the review on the Valspar paint, I use Annie and General Finishes and make my own. However I moved to The Big Island Hawaii and there is NO ONE who sells either here. I like making my own but I have to run it through a paint sieve and its more work… I rather buy it as it is already smooth and we do have a Lowes! 🙂

  42. I repurposed a desk and used Valspar chalk paint. I did three coats (even though I didn’t really need to) but I haven’t used chalk paint before so…there ya go. ?
    I then put one coat of the wax on and it looks and feels great! We use the desk as an island in our kitchen now and the paint is holding up really well. I also have so much paint and wax left over I’m thinking of redoing my living room end tables as well.
    I loved it! I’d totally recommend.
    One of these days I’ll get off my lazy butt and start a blog of my own. I’m always trying new products.

  43. So you wouldn’t recommend it for a piece of furniture? I want to paint a table and came across the paint at the store I really don’t want to strip and sand and thought this could do the job. Any suggestions?

  44. Thank you so much for your review of this product. I’ve used Folk Art Chalk Paint on small projects but I’ve been thinking about painting a large 2 piece wall unit I have in my dining room that’s from the 1970’s and need a large amount of paint. I’ve found the Annie Sloan paint is a little too $$ for me, so I think I will try this. As for your review of the antique wax, I’ve found the same problems with the Folk Art antique wax – I’ll stick to the clear one 🙂

  45. Carla Covell says

    Loved this comparison! I am in the process of painting a cabinet for a bathroom and I was searching for thoughts on the antiquing wax. Your demonstration was so helpful!! I think I have decided to leave that step out. I am afraid it will look “dirty” as well!
    I really appreciate you on this one!!!

  46. Hi Angie, how long do you let the paint dry before “wet distressing” it?

  47. Pamela Turner says

    Thank you so much for the comparison. Its going to be a life & money saver. I’m redoing some cabinets in a farmhouse and I’m excited to use chalk paint. I’m headed to Lowe’s today. I will let y’all know how it goes. The only question I still have is..Should I still try to find a cheaper “wax” paint brush?

  48. What are your thoughts on wax vs polyurethane over chalk paint? (specifically for kitchen cabinets)

  49. The sign is so pretty. Trying out new paints is always fun and it’s even better when it is local and not very expensive.

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