Enamored with Enamelware

 There are a lot of things I’ve collected over the years, but one collection I’ve never gotten tired of is vintage enamelware.

It has everything I look for in a collectible item – it fits perfectly with my farmhouse style, it’s affordable, and it can be found in nearly any antique store, as well as yard sales, and thrift shops.

vintage white enamelware

When my sister gave me a vintage enamelware pitcher for my birthday in January, I realized that I have a lot of enamelware, but it’s been scattered all over my house, which is fine, but grouping similar items together really draws the eye to them more.

farmhouse table centerpiece

I gathered up some of my pieces, and arranged them on a shelf in my kitchen.  It just makes me smile seeing them all together.
vintage enamelware

I’ve lost count of how many tiered stands my husband and I have made with vintage enamelware.  If you’ve missed any of them, you can see many of them HERE.

enamelware tiered stand

I even have a cute little cabinet in my kitchen that has an enamel top on it.  This is one of the very first pieces I bought for our home as a newlywed, over 25 years ago.  It’s lived in 5 different kitchens since I’ve owned it.  I wonder how many more it’s lived in before I bought it.

Years ago, I also had a kitchen table with an enamel top, but we outgrew it when child #3 came along, and at some point I sold it.  I did love that table though.

Farmhouse Kitchen Repurposed Antique Books Porch Post via KnickofTimeInteriors.blogspot.com  I have just a few pieces available in my shop right now, including this adorable little handled pot.  It’s available HERE.

enamelware pot

This enamelware pail with a handle is available HERE.

enamelware bucket

Are you an enamelware collector as well?  If so, please share some of your photos on my FB page.  Click on the camera icon in the comments are HERE, and show me YOUR enamelware collections!

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  1. I have always loved enamelware too Angie! 🙂 Julie

  2. Hey Angie!
    I started a collection of gray enamelware about 30 years ago. It was easy to find back then and so inexpensive! Friends and family would pick up pieces for me from here and there. Now I’m collecting the white with the red edge. I have a few pieces of the white with black edge too. I’m not picky at all. When it has dents and dings, I just think about that homemaker that used it and made meals for her loved ones.

  3. I love enamelware too, it’s pretty easy to find around here at a good price. I tend to pick up about one new piece per year.

  4. What a gorgeous enamelware collection you have…I am truly envious! I think you are right, when you group objects from a collection together, it makes a bigger impact as you’ve so beautifully demonstrated here! Your pieces look to be in really good shape, too…I wish I could find enamelware that looked like that! Thank you for sharing this lovely collection along with a bit of your amazing kitchen with us!

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