Consider the Wildflowers – Photography Printable with Bible verse

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I picked up this pretty red enamelware coffee pot at an antique store last month, and went outside to pick some flowering weeds to put in it.  They may only be weeds, but I think they are just as pretty as flowers from a garden, and they are growing prolifically along my gravel road, so I can pick them to my heart’s content!

It reminded me of the “consider the wildflowers” verse found in Luke 12:27 NIV (also translated as “consider the lilies” in other versions.)

I hope your Sunday is as beautiful as the wildflowers!

Click HERE to print a full-size version that doesn’t have my watermark on it, but please only share the watermarked version on social media.  Thanks!

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consider the lilies Luke 12:27

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  1. Ah, soooo sooooooo very pretty and thoughtful and what a beautiful way to start a Sunday and, most especially, a Mother’s Day! Indeed, these glorious wildflowers would have made Solomon himself envious! You have a special way about you which allows you to see the beauty in the little every day things which most of us would just walk past without a glance…thank you for sharing your perspective on such things and helping us to see the beauty in them, too! And thank you for so openly sharing your lovely photo with us…it is simply stunning! Wishing you a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, Angie! The deep and abiding love you have for your children is quite apparent and, from what you’ve shared with us about your children, you have done an amazing job raising them to be beautiful people just like their Mom! I hope your kiddos will take time out to celebrate you today…may your day be filled with much laughter, light, and love!

    • Every single comment you leave is such a huge blessing to me. Thank you…truly!

      • Oh WOW…what a lovely comment…I feel the very same way about your posts! Each notice from Knick of Time in my inbox is like a beautiful gift…I look forward to visiting your blog every day! Thank you for all of the wonderful things you share with us! I dearly hope you had a most blissful and beautiful Mother’s Day…you deserve it!

  2. Linda Rahman says

    Angie, I so agree with the above comment. Could not express my appreciation any better! Happy Mothers Day!

  3. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thank you,i hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day too.

  4. Angie – I really love your style. I’m sure people say that a lot, but I am in awe of the things you come up with. I know if I walked through your house I would feel at home. Our tastes are very similar. I just wrote about a weed picking adventure with my kids. It was so fun and I LOVE the weeds! I love this verse and had not heard it with wild flowers instead of lilies, it is so wonderful to learn new truths. Thankful for your talent and calling to share it! kim

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