Worst Mom in the World Award (DIY Photo Blocks)

Show Off Your CUTE Kids Photo Blocks!

I’m pretty sure I get the award for the worst mom in  the history of mom’s who make scrapbooks filled with their kid’s photos.

fall photo blocks

I discovered scrapbooking when my oldest 3 kids were fairly  young, and was gung ho to make them each their own keepsake albums that they would treasure for years to come.  I envisioned these albums getting passed down from generation to generation, so I loaded up on new albums, pretty papers, fun stickers, stencils, shape scissors and adhesives.

I bought everything  a mom who thinks her kids are the cutest kids in the world could possibly need to scrapbook. 🙂

I did great for about 3 years.

I made albums for my oldest 3 kids that started with their births and went up to the current date.  My youngest son was just a little tike at the time, but I did the same for him.  He was at the potty-training stage, so that was as far as I could go with his album.

Here’s where I start making excuses…

First, we moved to another state, so all my scrapbook supplies and photos got packed up in boxes.

We started remodeling the house we moved into, so I didn’t have a place to work on my scrapbooks.

Then, I bought a digital camera, and all new photos I took were on my computer, instead of film.

Then the worst happened…

my computer got stolen when I had it in a public place (it was a grocery store – don’t ask why!)

I lost several years worth of irreplaceable photos and was heart-broken.

It was at that point that I just gave up on scrapbooking.

Other than Christmas  and graduation photos, I can’t remember the last time I even printed photos, much less put them in a scrap book.

Well, the other day I was nostalgically looking through those few scrapbooks, and thinking what a shame it is that very few people see those stinkin’ cute kids hidden away in the scrapbooks.

They need to be more visible!

Hence, I’m going to show you how I made some photo blocks featuring my cute kids.

Sorry, I can’t help myself…I’m sure you think your kids are pretty darn cute too!

I used scrap wood, cut into blocks.  Ignore the bigger board.  I thought I might use it but didn’t.

wood blocks

I stained all the wood with dark walnut stain.

diy photo blocks

I bought several different patterned scrapbook pages, and because I was too lazy to cut them to size, I just held them onto the blocks and used sandpaper to sand along the edges, which cut the paper and gave it a rustic edge.

fall scrapbook paper blocks

To attach the paper to the blocks, I hammered tacks on the corners.  These tacks are technically called “cut tacks”.

carpet tacks

Here’s the 2nd block.

autumn wood blocks

And here’s the 3rd.

photo blocks tutorial

Then I scanned a few of the photos in the albums, printed them, and cropped them to fit onto the blocks.

blocks 7

The last step is to either glue or use double-sided tape to put th photos over the patterned paper.

children's photo display blocks

You’ll notice I just attached my daughter’s photo directly to the wood, without any patterned paper.  I just thought hers looked better that way.

childreHalloween photos

And now the are looking at me with their adorable little faces, right on top of my piano desk!

fall photo blocks

You want to know what really earns me the award as the worst mom in the world?

… I have 4 kids – not 3.

I didn’t finish the 4th kiddo’s block yet…and he noticed.

Now he has a photo album that ends with potty training and no cute wooden photo block.

I WILL get his done before the weekend is over!

If you aren’t sick of seeing my cute kids – check out my trip down Halloween Memory Lane post HERE!


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  1. so, so, so adorable. <3

  2. been there done that….oldest has a cute filled baby book….youngest…doesn’t….my excuse is….we lived in Germany and she was sick all the time….the few photos we took of our poor sick baby, well, she looks sick….having a ill baby and a toddler in a foreign country far from home was exhausting….no family to help…so sadly she has no cute photo filled baby book….you know she was fine with it….lol. her health improved over the years but she was never 100%…but tomorrow she will be 40….has a good husband, 2 great teenage sons and a good job…so the kid did just fine without that baby book…

  3. angie you just blow me away every time!!! all the tiniest details are so exquisite, and each photo tells a beautiful story!! love love!!

  4. Thanks for the early morning smiles. You are a treasure. My oldest sister had a wonderful baby book filled with pictures and notes about everything she did. Even a dried, pressed piece from her first Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I was the youngest of five and my baby book has my name and birthday. I survived, loved my Mom and sisters.

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    That is a cute idea,thanks Angie. I am the same way always something and now i am trying to collect grandkids stuff so,i need to get on it.lol

  6. You are so funny, Angie! I have a feeling you rank right up their with the best moms! Very cute project!

  7. Cute! these would make some awesome gifts too!

  8. Oh, I did the same thing, only for me, it was binders…binders full of very descriptive pages about my eldest’s days with lots of photos. When the second child came around, the pages got less descriptive and there weren’t as many photos…then came the youngest and the binder remained empty, sadly. My excuse is that working full time and raising a family is hard…but I still feel bad about it.

    So maybe I should make some of these adorable photo blocks, but I’ll start with the youngest first…hehe! There’s something about the paper with the dots that I really like…the colours are wonderful…but there is something nostalgic in it? I think this may be a project I can do without screwing it up…at least, I hope…hehe!

  9. I love this idea! I must admit that I’m guilty of the same thing. I was so good when my boys were young and I even filled up their school albums up to about the age of 10 or 11. Then came digital cameras and pictures rarely made it out of the computer. Better late than never, Angie, and I’ll bet they really appreciate them now.

  10. …and you will get the bill for therapy sessions. LOL You must’ve been sick to your stomach when you lost all of those pictures. Since the digital era, I too rarely get photos printed. This was a reminder to backup my photos onto an external drive.

    Love love love this idea Angie and am going to pin this to make some for my kids (now also grown) and my new grandson.

  11. What a great idea Angie – love them !
    ( and I had to giggle over the 4th child noticing LMHO )

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