How To Make An Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall

How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Photo Gallery Wall When my mom came to visit a few weeks ago, I had a few pictures on the wall in the guest bedroom which looked great.  But it needed something else.  I decided to create an inexpensive photo gallery wall with fall-themed decor. Here’s how it looked when I started.  It looked good, but there was a ton of empty space under the photos. I don’t do empty space!

Worst Mom in the World Award (DIY Photo Blocks)

Show Off Your CUTE Kids Photo Blocks! I’m pretty sure I get the award for the worst mom in  the history of mom’s who make scrapbooks filled with their kid’s photos. I discovered scrapbooking when my oldest 3 kids were fairly  young, and was gung ho to make them each their own keepsake albums that they would treasure for years to come.  I envisioned these albums getting passed down from generation to generation, so I loaded up on new albums, pretty papers, {Read More}

Point & Shoot

Today I’m going to talk to you about Point and Shoot. Specifically, about pointing and shooting a can of spray paint at your old point and shoot camera, to turn it into a photo display stand. I have a few cameras in my junk drawers that have been retired from service. I don’t like donating them to thrift stores, because unless they are collectible cameras, no one else wants an old camera that may or may not work, so thrift {Read More}