Flea Market Finds

I got up bright and early last Saturday to hit the flea market with my husband, only to find my husband was already awake, but feeling lousy.  We waited for awhile, but he still felt awful and went back to bed, but bless my oldest son’s heart – he went with me.  I haven’t gone to a single flea market all summer, and I’d never been to this particular one, so I was pretty excited.

He really wasn’t interested in shopping or buying anything and just came to be my driver and haul-it-to the Jeep helper, which I really appreciated.

I was mainly shopping for things to sell in my online shop, but many of the things I was interested in were pretty steeply priced, so I set my sights on smaller and less expensive things.

I did splurge on a few things, which I’ll show you at the end.

burlap bag mason jar vase cover - KnickofTime.net

I purchased 2 of these cool burlap sacks that are for pecans.  I love the “Green Spring” typography on them.

typography burlap bag

burlap fabric sack

I bought 5 old receipt books.  They are all unused old stock from a very old dairy company that went out of business in the 90’s.

dairy company receipts

old dairy company receipts

I bought 10 flour sacks.

flour sack graphics

These aren’t very old, I just love the graphic on them and think they’d make awesome pillow covers, or could be used on a bulletin board. american flour sack

The back side has 14 different languages on it, which I thought was fun and unusual. flour sack 5

I got 6 small old milk bottles.

old milk bottles

I cleaned one of them up, but decided to leave the rest in their “found” condition.  I think they look pretty like that.

antique milk bottles

I found an old galvanized bucket.  I think I’ll give it the same makeover that I gave this bucket.

farm buket

I couldn’t pass up this antique Bible.

antique leather Bible

The cover is tattered and fragile, but the pages are in nice condition.

antique Bible pages

This  “Union” tool box jumped right into my hands!

old tool box

Its orange color reminds me of the happy tool box I shared a few years ago.

orange tool box

Vintage silver butter dishes always sell well, so I grabbed this one.

silver butter dish

Some people remove the tarnish, but I like it.  This one has the glass butter tray,and would look really pretty for the holidays.

silver butter dish

Love this primitive handmade metal scoop!

primitive metal scoop

Now for my splurge purchases.

I couldn’t pass up this old cheese box.

antique round cheese box

The rustic wood and shape were irresistible.

antique cheese box

This milk bottle wasn’t terribly expensive, and it had the best graphics and typography on it.  It’s a keeper!

cow dairy farm milk bottle

vintage diary farm milkbottle

My favorite purchase of the day is this large antique ceramic bowl.

I actually found it at a yard sale that we came across just before the flea market.

It’s the largest one I’ve ever found, and it’s a beauty!

antique ceramic bowl

antique bowl

I’ll probably keep potatoes in it, but I have a large bag of loose lavender buds, and couldn’t resist letting the little scoop dig into them!

lavender buds

I did pretty good for one day of “fleaing”, didn’t I!

All of these items (except my 3 splurge pieces) are available in my online shop HERE.

signature 2

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  1. Love the finds. I always look for unusual stuff. I have that same stoneware bowl. I got mine from my grandmother when she passed. I love it.

  2. Great finds for your shop and I don’t blame you for keeping the wonderful bowl, the cute milk bottle and the cheese box. How sweet of your son to drive you to the flea market. I hope your hubby is feeling better in the meanwhile.

  3. I was curious how you liked it! Good finds 🙂 I hope we can chat again soon!

  4. Great finds!!

  5. Great finds. I am clearing out since I don’t have my booth and my new garages are full. You need to come over on Thursday for a pre-buy before it all sells on Friday! Give me a call.

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    You did very good i love buying old things big or little,have a great day Angie.

  7. Wonderful finds, Angie…and a fun way to spend the day with your son! Hope your husband is feeling better now, too!

  8. Laura Werley says

    Angie,I loved all your finds. The St. Charles Dairy receipt books made me smile. I spent most of my life in the St. Charles/St. Louis area (lived on 5th street for a while and worked at the St. Charles Journal). Love all your decorating and thanks for the free graphics!

  9. Such great finds! Hope your hubby is feeling better!

  10. Awesome finds!
    I would’ve gone flea marketing with you, Angie 🙂 altho’ then we’d need more than one “haul to the car” guy!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. You definitely found some neat stuff! I used to live in Cape Girardeau… and have been to St. Charles.
    Didn’t go to any fleamarkets there as I was much younger and not very adventurous on my own at the time!
    This post would be perfect for my “let’s Talk Vintage” blog party today, if you’re interested!
    Enjoy your week,

  12. How exciting to find so many fun treasures. Love the milk bottles and your cheese box splurge!

  13. Love how you styled the large pottery bowl! Just a lovely photo. You always have such great eye candy 🙂

  14. Hi Angie – I would have gone with you! I am loving that galvanized bucket. The glasses in the butter dish… I’m totally stealing… I mean… borrowing that idea. LOVE everything! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Hugs, Holly

  15. I would but it all except for the butter dish & bible. I own several falling apart family bibles. Thanks

  16. WOW…such a great haul here! I couldn’t pass up any of it, really, but in particular, LOVE the big ceramic bowl along with the little metal scoop…it’s almost like they were made for one another! You have such a talented eye for spying fantastic finds!

  17. Great finds! All things that I would have picked up also. Interesting about the antique silver… I didn’t know it sold well. I’ve never bought any for my booth. I need to keep an eye out now. (btw– I love it tarnished also). Have fun playing with it all~

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