Weekending – Hand Lettering and Sketching

I have a serious crush on hand lettering and sketching, and am in awe of those who are gifted with such talent.

This is a public domain studio book of hand lettering that has over 250 pages.  If you love hand letterering, it’s a must see!

hand lettered alphabet handbook - KnickofTime.net

The lettering and fall theme of this lettered page on paper is so pretty in this autumn vignette via Vibeke Design.

kraft paper journal

I discovered an online shop, called Hand Lettering Company.

hand drawn lettering

They have an amazing line of  hand lettered Christian artwork.  I plan to purchase one, but I’m having a hard time deciding with piece to get – I seriously love them all.

Prices start at $7.50, so it is very affordable and would make thoughtful gifts.  I have no affiliation with this shop – just admiration!

hand lettering artwork hand lettered art

My son is in his 3rd year as a graphic design major, and I look forward to seeing which direction God leads him with his art.

This is him helping me design my Barn Quilt.  I had hoped we’d get another one made before he went back to school, but we just ran out of time, so I hope we can make one the  next time he comes home.

making a barn quilt

He did finish a barn sketch for me that I asked him to draw, and I love it.  Eventually I may incorporate it into my logo, but for now I’m looking for the perfect frame for it.  He drew it based on the old red barn photo I shared as a printable and water color printable.

hand drawn barn sketch - KnickofTime.net

It’s a shame that good penmanship isn’t as important today as it was in the old days.  I love this penmanship page from a school primer.  You can print the full size image HERE.

antique school primer alphabet penmanship - KnickofTime.net

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!



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  1. WOW! Your post was exciting in a different way. I too have always had a “thing” for beautiful handwriting – maybe because I went to Catholic school where it REALLY was stressed by the nuns. In fact, as I got in the older grades, my dear friend and I had a contest to see whose handwriting was considered best- – by the teacher! Each day, she would pick the person with the best handwriting to write the homework on the board, and it was usually either my friend or me! What a thrill! Your son’s drawing is so beautiful, also – I hope you can do something special with it, and perhaps share it with us. I plan to paint a barn quilt on our barn maybe next spring. I’ll have to reread your post about it and write down all the tips I can. AND- since I was an elementary school teacher for 25 yrs., I used to LOVE to teach penmanship/cursive writing!! So, I appreciate nice handwriting as you do. Can you tell me where to find the public domain of hand lettering you showed us on top of your post? I’d love to see more! Thanks and have a great day!!

  2. Best wishes to your son in his chosen career. My nephew also chose Graphic Design and we were so proud of his accomplishments … esp. his strong Christian witness in an incredibly uber-liberal arts university.

  3. I don’t know if you do, but I get pin after pin of my pin of your pin, “chippy door panel”. It is a favorite of a lot of people!

  4. We are kindred spirits, Angie! I am a big fan of hand lettering and graphics, too, and always pick up books like that when I find them…they are a treasure trove. I’m taking a fun hand lettering and project class over on Jeanne Oliver’s site next month…should be fun! I love your son’s barn! My daughter is a graphic designer and artist, too!

  5. Your son is very talented and I know you must be very proud of him!

  6. What an amazing talent your son has…it seems that admirable artistic talents run in your family! I can’t imagine the skill and steady hand it would take to do hand lettering as in the examples you’ve posted…I can’t even write out my Christmas cards without my hand cramping up anymore. And the thing is, those with such artistic talents make it look easy so that many people like me don’t even take notice how much skill and effort goes into it…I’d imagine that sort of attitude gets a bit frustrating for the artists. It’s good that as an artist yourself, you can recognise everything that goes into the process and appreciate it from the heart! Thank you for sharing these beautiful examples with us…and for also sharing some of your son’s wonderful art…that barn is gorgeous and very worthy of being worked into the header for your site!

  7. my handwriting is so awful it’s embarrassing. I include a handwritten thank you note in all my Etsy orders and I sometimes wonder what people think when they get it. I always imagine something like “how nice! a note……did I just buy something from a third grader?”
    That book looks amazing.
    And how clever of you to create a built in graphic designer for your business. Genius I say!

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