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When I shared my DIY barn quilt a few days ago, I teased that this beautiful big red barn was actually my barn, before revealing what my barn really looks like.

I took this photo a little over a week ago, when I was visiting family a few hours away.  It really is my dream barn.  Can you imagine a barn like this converted into a house?  I would want my bedroom up in the hay loft where that row of windows is.

I’m on a mission to photograph as many beautiful old barns as I can, and I’ll be sharing those images with you as free printables, because I know many of you love old wooden barns as much as I do.

{Click HERE to print this big red barn at full size, without my watermark on it.  Do not share the unwatermarked version- please share the link to this page.}

big red barn printable photograph from

Here’s another version with a scripture verse on it.

It does not have my watermark on it, so just click on the photo, save and print.  You are welcome to share this image with others!

red barn verse

More free printable photographs can be found HERE.

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  1. This is an amazing, beautiful barn. My love for barns started as a kid when I would climb into our more humble, but cozy barn loft and sit on hay bales enjoying the view from the big windows on each gable end. The windows were used to load the hay bales into the loft. Now with the big round bales stored outside, I guess lofts aren’t needed anymore. I even enjoyed taking a book and enjoying a quiet place to read in the loft. Too old to climb into a loft now, but it is a good memory. Thanks for sharing and for sharing all your wonderful, creative ideas.

    • Mary, where we live, most hay bales are round instead of square, and they are much to large to get into a hay loft, so they are all stored in rows ouside too. Thanks for sharing your childhood memory!

  2. Mary Sue Chatfield says

    I have fond memories of playing in the hay mow of my grandparents’ barn, where we now live. So much fun to find a litter of new little kittens!

  3. I used to love playing in my grandparents’ barn whenever we visited them. They had cows and horses, too, and I remember my grandfather teaching us how to milk the cows. He’d take us on hayrides, too…all the children from the entire neighbourhood would come for that occasion. But they weren’t all good memories…like the time I stood behind one of the cows and didn’t see her raise her tail…YIKES! Yes, old barns are the best…I love old churches and schoolhouses, too…always wanted to convert one into a home. Such a great capture of a very beautiful barn and I love the scripture you added…thank you so very much for sharing it with us!

  4. Love the picture of that barn. Our barn is falling down after years and years of neglect. When we moved home two years ago it, we were heart broken at the amount of work that needs to be done. We have dreams of a barn house where the barn is standing now.

  5. Stunning photos, I can’t believe you let them royalty-free.
    They are beautiful!

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