Old Tools Keepsake Display

When we went to visit family in New Mexico during the summer, my in-laws had been cleaning house, and sent me home with some things they no longer wanted, or didn’t have a place for.  One of the things my father-in-law asked me if I wanted was a toolbox that had some of his father’s old tools in it.  I adore old tools, so I couldn’t pass up ones that belonged to my husband’s grandfather.

I wanted to do something special with them – something that I hope my children will want to keep as a family keepsake, along with their great-grandmother’s cook stove.

antique tools

I figured if the tools were worth keeping, they were worth displaying, so I searched for some ideas, and found this wall display by Red Velvet Creations.

Old Tools Display

I love the old crates that were used to make the background, but I don’t have a bunch of old wood crates , so I decided to make a rustic display using pallet wood instead.
I shared the  tutorial for this project over at My Repurposed Life today.  I hope you’ll pop over and check it out and let me know what you think!

I have a few small items that belonged to my grandparent’s also, so I hope to make another display to match this one for those pieces.

antique tools display


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  1. How are the tools attached they are very heavy..I have a few that I would like to display.

  2. Such an amazing display, Angie…your hubby’s grandfather would be proud…I’ll bet those tools meant the world to him and to see them honoured in such a beautiful way would, no doubt, make his heart happy! I love old tools…you just can’t beat the craftsmanship that went into them, not to mention all of the craftsmanship that came out of them! I have recently made the acquaintance of some craftsmen who prefer to use old tools over new, actually…I’ll have to share this with them…they’d appreciate the thought and care that went behind this project! Me, I appreciate the beauty of it…I think anyone would be proud to hang this gorgeous display in their home!

  3. That is just lovely, Angie! Blessings to you, too!

  4. Often old tools get pushed aside. My family all (generations) hung on to their tools, and we have quite the collection from my husband’s family also. Beautiful displays you have created—honest to their original purpose, back in the day when working with your hands was an art. Smiles, Sandi

  5. Joanes melo says

    Uma obra de ARTE..

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