Plank Wall DIY Tutorials

Plank Wall DIY Tutorials 20+Inspiring Gorgeous Walls Installing our Farmhouse Bathroom Wood Plank Walls & Ceiling made such a huge difference in that room. It’s been a year since we finished that project and I’m just as in love with it as when we first finished it. We’re getting ready to add more plank walls in the living room, but I wanted to find some other styles first. Boy, did I find a bunch of other plank wall tutorials! So {Read More}

Furniture Refinishing for Beginners| Refinishing an Antique Coffee Table

Furniture Refinishing for Beginners Tips, tricks, and what I learned by refinishing an antique coffee table. It’s been years since I tackled a furniture refinishing project, but when I spotted an antique coffee table at a thrift store, it had to come home with me! It has a crack and some pretty bad stains on the top. The $40 price tag was steep, but I still wanted it. My husband tried to talk me out of it, but I was {Read More}

Creating a Rental Storage Unit Photo Studio

Creating a Rental Storage Unit Photo Studio How I turned a rented storage unit into a photo studio for under $150. You might wonder why I need a photo studio when I have a perfectly good house and a guest house that I can take photos in, and I can answer that question in six words …

Build a Wooden Tote with Built In Paper Towel Holder

Yesterday I promised I’d share the tutorial to build this farmhouse wooden tote, so let’s get to it! Build a Bread Board Wooden Tote with Paper Towel Holder  All works © Knick of Time – Do not redistribute this tutorial in part or whole in manner. Supplies Needed: (contains affiliate links are included to help you find the products you’ll need.  Most of these Pine Boards (dimensions below) 1″ diameter wood dowel thumb screws  (1/4″ x 20 x 1″) T nuts {Read More}

Old Tools Keepsake Display

When we went to visit family in New Mexico during the summer, my in-laws had been cleaning house, and sent me home with some things they no longer wanted, or didn’t have a place for.  One of the things my father-in-law asked me if I wanted was a toolbox that had some of his father’s old tools in it.  I adore old tools, so I couldn’t pass up ones that belonged to my husband’s grandfather. I wanted to do something special with {Read More}

Make Your Own Tiered Stand Tutorial

Over the last several years, I’ve received lots of questions about the tiered stands my husband and I make, so I finally got around to photographing the steps for it so I could write up a tutorial, and show you how to make your own! I’ve seen these made different ways, usually using glue to hold the pieces together, but glue isn’t always the sturdiest thing, so we came up with what we think is a better method.

Clementine Crate Makeover

I love projects that don’t cost me a cent, are easy, and end up being so pretty, I’m left wondering why I didn’t make them a long time ago.  This is one of those projects!  I’ve had this clementine crate for over 3 years now.  It was filled with fruit, which I used when I was styling my kitchen for the photos in my kitchen remodel post (seen HERE).  It was torture for my kids not to eat the fruit {Read More}

Chalkboard Printable Backgrounds and Tutorial to Make Your Own Custom Colors

I’ve shared several projects lately, using a chalkboard as the background for them, so I thought I would share the color versions of the backgrounds, because you may find a fun way to use them, but I’m including a tutorial as well, so you can make your own custom colors. This red one is like the one I used to design my Mrs. Claus Cookie Co. printable that I shared. This green version reminds me of the old green school {Read More}

Tin Can Wall Organizer

I’m so excited to be joining forces again, with the Junkers United team. If you’re a new visitor – WELCOME! I’m Angie, the author behind Knick of Time and owner of the Knick of Time online market.   You can see all my Repurposed projects HERE and view the progress of our farm country home remodel HERE. For this event, I created a project that is easy, very useful, and you’re likely to have the few needed supplies already available in your home.  I’ve been saving tin {Read More}

Book Page Wreath

We went to our sons’ basketball tournament last week and had a 5 hour drive each way and a lot of hotel time throughout the week, so I knew I needed to take along a project to work on, or I’d go stir-crazy.  I couldn’t tote along my Silhouette or wood boards, so I looked around for something that would be easily portable, and decided a book page project made the most sense, so I decided to make a book {Read More}