Christmas Family Photos – The Miracle Edition!

Christmas family photos…

It’s that joyful day of the year when mother cheerfully gathers her husband and offspring together, to capture a moment in time in their family story, and preserve it for posterity.

Those happy family members look forward to it every year, with smiles on their faces, and joy in their hearts.

Bwaa ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa

ly photos 16a - KnickofTime


It’s that day of the year when everyone manages to wake up in a cranky mood, as if it’s their duty to make sure nothing about this day will go smoothly for their blessed mother, and she will be as exhausted as she can possibly be by the time she captures that elusive family photo.

Perhaps you recall the train saga Christmas family photos shoot from last year.

Really?  You can’t remember this?

Christmas family photos flop

Was it my daughter wearing jeans with a huge hole in the knee?

Or was it the hairbrush sticking out of my husband’s pocket that ruined the best photo I took?

Or was it having to jump off the tracks three times because of an oncoming train that put that look on my face?

     All of the above.

So, needless to say, I wasn’t expecting anything to go differently this year.

I completely expected another completely exhausting episode to get ONE decent Christmas family photo.

But the angels must have been smiling on me, or just totally pitied me, because I got a Christmas miracle instead.

Those blessed offspring did everything their mother asked them to do, and my husband cooperated ( he’s usually the worst of them),  and they all put smiles on their faces and they withheld their grumbling,

     and by golly – we got got our Christmas photos done in record-breaking time!  

I only shot 16 photos total, instead of the usual bazillion, and there was barely a dud in the batch!

Christmas family photos -

Of course, they had to act up just a little, but who cares… I had my prized photo.

ly photos 16a - KnickofTime

So here’s the miracle photo that will go in our Christmas cards this year.

God bless us, every one! 🙂

Christmas family photos -

If you are a Christmas family photos glutton for punishment, click the links below.

{2012 family photos} – the “Shoot them” year

2013 – forget it – I can’t find the link!  Here’s our photo though.

family photos under bridge - Knick of Time

{2014 family photos} – the train saga year

So, do you take Christmas family photos every year?

If so, how did yours turn out?



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  1. You are truly blessed, Angie. What a beautiful, loving family photo, even if it took a while to get it. I believe that is part of your magic.

    I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the New Year.

    “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14


  2. Angie I just came from your 2012 photos. I couldn’t stop laughing. I also have four delinq…children and when they are in the same room there is mayhem. I feel you. Great pictures from every year! Bless you and your gang!!

    • LOL – glad I’m not the only one with children that are difficult, although mine are all in their 20’s, except my youngest teenage son, so you’d think they would have outgrown it by now!

  3. I dunno what is wrong with me, but I teared up reading this. Maybe it’s because you have such a beautiful family? I am sooooo happy to know you are so blessed! These are wonderful photos and will make fantastic keepsakes for years to come!

  4. Stacey Gresbach says

    Angie – I’m so happy I found your blog. We have recently moved into a very tiny apartment while our little “dream house” on an 11acre homestead is being built. We have 3 girls still at home and needless to say sharing a tiny apartment with 2 Jack Russell Terriers, 3 teenagers and a husband just about has me at my wits end! But I have found solace in your blog!! You always make me smile and give me things to dream about in my new home! Thank you so much for being my “happy place” during this stressful time in my life!! Merry Christmas to you!

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