DIY Christmas Ornaments with Quilt Block Patterns

I’ve kind of gone nuts this year sharing DIY Christmas ornaments, but since I wanted a specific theme for our Christmas tree, it was easier to make the ornaments myself  than search all the stores looking for just the right ones.

Since the theme I picked is “simple farmhouse”, I brainstormed what comes to mind when I think of farmhouses, and quilts immediately came to mind.

I remembered the barn quilt my son and I made together in the spring, and the quilt-inspired chair I painted a few years ago, so I went back and revamped those ideas into ornaments!

I’m sharing the printables and instructions, so you can make some yourself as well! 🙂

Knick of Time| Quilt Block Inspired DIY Christmas Ornaments |


First, you’ll need some ceramic ornaments.  I bought mine half off at Hobby Lobby.  They are about 3.8″ wide.

ceramic ornaments

These are the three designs you’ll use to create the quilt block ornaments.

red quilt block designs for Christmas ornaments -

You’ll need to print each image separately, but if you plan to make more than one of each style of ornament, you can fit up to 4 of each on a page (I just printed one for this photo).

quilt block ornaments template -

{Click on each image below,save it to your computer, and print as a 3-1/2 x 5″ image.  If you don’t know how to print at that size, just save the images to a memory card, and take them to a print shop like Staples, and they can easily do it for you if you tell them the size you need.

red quilt block design for Christmas ornaments -

red quilt block ornament 2 - KnickofTime

red quilt block ornament 3 - KnickofTime

You’ll notice there is a circle around each image.  If your ornaments are the same size as the ones I bought, you’ll cut on the inside line of that circle – not the outer part of the line, so it looks like this when you cut it out.

quilt block ornament printable

If you can’t locate round ornaments,and want to make square ones, here are the images to do that.  These will print all 3 on one page.

Make sure to UNcheck the “fit picture to frame” selection, so that none of them get cropped.

red quilt block Christmas ornment designs -

Once  you’ve cut the images out, just decoupage them onto the ornaments, and allow them to dry.

I spayed mine with sealer to protect them.

Create your own quilt block pattern DIY Christmas ornaments with free printables from

Create your own quilt block pattern DIY Christmas ornaments with free printables from

I’m really happy with how they came out, and they coordinate really well with the other ornaments I made this year.

red quilt block DIY Christmas ornaments -

If you enjoyed this project, see more DIY Christmas ornaments here.

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  1. mare williams says


  2. What a super cute idea 🙂 They turned out great.

  3. *jawdrop* These are absolutely beautiful, Angie…your keen creative mind simply amazes me! The designs look like they’ve been painted on…I would’ve never guessed it was decoupage! Thank you soooooo very much for sharing this wonderful project as well as the printable so we can make our own…you are as generous as you are creative!

  4. Just darling, and a perfect gift for the quilter! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Such cute ornaments! Thanks so much for free printables. Pinning.

  6. These are gorgeous Angie! Thanks for the great tutorial! nice to meet you!

  7. These are great Angie – thanks for the printable!

  8. Jane Drewel says

    Where can I get the printables to make these cute ornaments? Thanks Jane

  9. Judy Sigsworth says

    Love your post It gives me ideas along with yours Thank you very much appreciate your posts

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