The Barn Quilt and the Bathroom

Have you ever felt absolutely, totally lost and clueless, and you just didn’t know what to do? Well, when I was in kindergarten, our classroom had its own bathroom that we didn’t have to share with the rest of the kids in the school. On the outside of the bathroom door was light switch that lit up and turned red when you turned on the light and went into the bathroom.  There was no lock on the door, so this red {Read More}

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Quilt Block Patterns

I’ve kind of gone nuts this year sharing DIY Christmas ornaments, but since I wanted a specific theme for our Christmas tree, it was easier to make the ornaments myself  than search all the stores looking for just the right ones. Since the theme I picked is “simple farmhouse”, I brainstormed what comes to mind when I think of farmhouses, and quilts immediately came to mind. I remembered the barn quilt my son and I made together in the spring, and the quilt-inspired chair I {Read More}

DIY Barn Quilt

It isn’t a big secret that I love old barns, but have I ever told you about MY barn? Well, it’s a great big old red barn, with a white door, and a hayloft on top. There are horses in their stalls, and chickens in a coop, and we gather fresh eggs from them every day. On the outside, hollyhocks and sunflowers are growing, and the old water spigot never stops dripping. Hanging on the side of my barn is a big, beautiful barn quilt.

A Quilt Inspired Wooden Chair and a Childhood Story

My family is full of gifted quilters.  I have one aunt that owned a wonderful quilt store for many years, and some day I’m going to coax her into letting me do a blog post about her many quilts (hint, hint, Aunt Lil).  I have another aunt that sews beautiful quilted handbags (well, she did before she became a full-time teacher).  My mother is a gifted seamstress, who has also sewn beautiful quilts. And then there’s me. Without constant supervision, {Read More}