The Song that Never Ends


Remember the song that never ends?

Well, the remodel in my entryway goes something like that.

This is the remodel that never ends,

yes, it goes on and on my friends.

A couple   started doing it

not knowing what they does (hey, I needed it to rhyme!)

but they’ll continue remodeling forever just because,

This is the remodel that never ends….

You get the idea right?

So, when we last left off, all the pallet wood walls  had been installed and painted,

a barn door had been made to separate the entryway from the kitchen,

our cats got a new perch in the room,

and I made drop cloth curtains for the windows.

I was ready to start moving things in and decorate,

and then I looked down….

stained concrete floor

I’ve gotten so used to our cracked and stained concrete floor, that I almost don’t even notice how hideous it is anymore.


cracked concrete floor

I was so bummed that I thought the end was in sight, but it was going to get delayed a little longer, but what’s the point in remodeling a room if you leave the ugly floor, right?

So, I put on my big girl panties and dragged my husband to Lowes to pick out flooring.

We decided on self-adhesive vinyl tile as the quickest option.

The tile we picked is a shade of gray that looks like stained concrete, but not stained in a bad way like our original concrete floor was.  It’s called Aspen Gray, by Armstrong.

adhesive floor tile

My husband got to work installing it, with just a wee bit of nagging encouragement from me. 🙂

installing floor tile

He discovered pretty quickly that the self-stick wasn’t going to stick on our very rough floor, so he went back and bought tile adhesive , and that did the trick.

He used a notched spreader to lay a thin layer of the adhesive, allowed it set for awhile, then laid the tiles in place. He used my rolling pin to push them down firmly.  He did half of the room at a time.

I can’t believe it’s taken us almost 4 years to finally put flooring over the concrete, but I’m thrilled with it.

So, with any luck, the next time you see me post about my entryway, the song that never ends…

may have actually ended!

the song that never ends - installing vinyl flooring over concrete -


Stay tuned!


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  1. Very pretty, Angie…great concrete look! Feels good to get a project done, doesn’t it?

  2. Beautiful! I am happy for you!

  3. Sandy McElroy says

    Looks great !

  4. Angie, Thank you for sharing this with us. What a great concrete look with tile. I enjoy reading about your

  5. Liz Thomas says

    Wow, I love that look and it may be the solution to one of my floor needs!! Well done, hubby!!

  6. we’re starting a small bathroom remodel…hoping it doesn’t take as long (or become as involved) as I know some projects can be…the vinyl tile looks like it was the perfect solution!

  7. I love that floor! Looks great with the white walls and should be easy to clean up!

  8. Cheri Hins says

    Looks great Angie.

  9. I have carpeting in the main room of my finished basement–very dirty, disgusting carpeting. I’ve been wanting to rip it up for years, but can’t afford to replace it and haven’t known what to put down over the ugly concrete instead. But, NOW I know! One question: Since the self-stick tile didn’t work on the uneven surface of the floor, wouldn’t it be cheaper and less trouble to just buy non-stick in the first place and install it with the gooey stuff like your husband ended up doing? I think the tile in your entry way looks great and I so wish I had a barn-style door like you’ve got! Enjoy the finished project, Angie!

  10. Ellie LaJuett says

    Looks great and sounds like nice inexpensive fix. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Hi, Angie. The floor looks great. We have carpet over concrete (rough too) and we’ve been trying to work up to this project. Maybe this will kick start us.

  12. I hate to admit this only because it’s so backwards…….. but we have vinyl tiles in our mudroom – installed OVER ceramic! When we built the house I picked glossy white ceramic floor tiles. Who in their right mind picks white tiles for a mudroom when they have 6 kids?

  13. Oh NO!! I can’t stop singing that song now!! My family (well MOST of them) LOVES that song… we always used it when traveling on long trips… Now their families do that! The vinyl tiles look good in your entryway… great job!

  14. Tina Buenzow says

    I look forward to seeing the end result to your project in hopes it will be something I can do…I am currently trying to do some remodeling in a little 3 bedroom home I purchased several years ago that has a lot of damage to walls due to a previous tenant that had dogs and cats that were not disciplined(long story) so I pulled all the carpet out and have been looking for the least expensive way to fix it , then to top it off, it was vandalized in Nov. 2015 but thank God the insurance company has paid me some of the money to do the repairs for those damages but does not cover the previous damages nor the flooring. I enjoy looking at your projects, they are very detailed and that’s exactly what I need! Thanks a bunch!

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