My Barn Door Dream Came True!

I know I’ve mentioned at least a few (dozen) times that I want a barn door in my house.   I really wasn’t sure if it would ever happen, so I made a cabinet with a mini barn door on it.

I love that cabinet and use it all the time, but I really wanted a bigger version, so when my husband built another cabinet into the wall in our entryway, he fashioned the door to look like a barn door.

It was bigger, and I love it… but I was still craving the real thing.

Bless my husband’s heart – he made that dream come true!

He drew up a basic idea, and asked if I liked it (and I did), and he started building it last weekend.

While I was out of the house one day, he started on it, and had it nearly finished by the time I got home.

Building a Barn Door -

Yesterday, he hung it up, and I love, love, love  it!

DIY Barn Door -

I shopped around, and planned to order this hardware for it (Amazon link).  The price was reasonable, but my husband has been teaching himself to weld, and decided to try making the hardware himself.  It works great, and only cost about $15 to make.

DIY Barn Door Hardware -

I picked up a handle that cost about $5.

Black Barn Door Handle

The only thing left to do is caulk between the boards, so sunlight doesn’t shine through, and paint it.

This side of the door faces the kitchen, and the back side faces the entryway and doesn’t have the cross beams on it.  I’ll show that side later when we have the entryway finished.  I hope it will be soon!

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  1. This is beautiful, Angie! Your husband did a wonderful job on it…and how great that he could make the hardware, too!

  2. Angie it’s beautiful! Tell your husband “Bravo!”. Well Done! You are blessed (I’m sure he is too!) A stunning piece of work!

  3. Angie,
    how lucky you are to have a husband who is so creative! Your door is is amazing! He did a wonderful job!

  4. Awwww, I’m sooooooo happy and excited for you, Angie…your barn door looks absolutely amazing! Your husband is a multi-talented dynamo…the hardware he created to hang the door is drool-worthy! You can’t beat a hubby who makes your dreams come true, that’s for sure! It looks fantastic as is, but I can’t wait to see it with your finishing touches!

  5. so now you have a built in graphic designer AND a built in welder!? Well done!
    The door looks terrific – as does the whole entryway!

  6. That looks awesome. What a great job he did. What color are you painting it, barn red? You are lucky to have a hubby that knows how and likes to do these projects. Does he have a single brother, that is crafty like him??? 🙂

  7. Love, love it and could use your husband here. I would like to have one on my laundry room but I know how much you get into with welding. I just paid 38.00 to have legs put on an old file cabinet. Ugh!

  8. It looks beautiful, Angie, your husband did an amazing job! The hardware and the handle really complete the whole look.
    I’m also dreaming about one of this beauty, maybe I’ll just send the link to your post to my Mr Dreamy email … ”by accident” :))

  9. Your hubby did an amazing job! Looking forward to seeing the final result, but it looks good just the way it is.

  10. You certainly are blessed. A husband who, not only listens to your desires, but makes them come true. I like the sunshine coming thru the cracks.

  11. Love the door, it’s great you both are so handy. I’m still waiting to get a look at that entry.

  12. Its beautiful the way it is…but, i’m excited to see it when its all done.

  13. WOW! You guys rock!

  14. I’m so excited for you Angie! Your new barn door is beautiful, and big dream come true! I also have craved having a barn door, but in my little house there is really nowhere to put one. So I take pleasure in watching every HGTV or DIY install of a barn door, and I was so happy to see that your over-the-top-handy husband made you one to fulfill your dream! (I think you’ve got a keeper there!). Enjoy!!!

  15. Congratulations on getting your dream door. It’s looks wonderful already!

  16. I can’t believe that I don’t have ONE door in my house that could become a barn door. I’ve searched every room. Maybe one day…Congratulations to you! It looks great!

  17. Angie! I love it. The cost of hardware is what keeps me from having a barn door in my home. The truth is my hubby could probably create hardware for it— we’ve been busy with the camper instead!;) I do love this door though!

  18. Love it! I’ll bet he could sell them!

  19. Your husband is pure GENIUS! Love that door!

  20. I am in love with them. He really did a wonderful job on the door. Job well done!!!!

  21. Love it Angie … well done. Nice to have an all-around talented guy in the house.

  22. How about some details on the welding of the door hardware? I’m interested in seeing what makes that setup work. How do you lock it? WONDERFUL job altogether, so inspiring. THANKIS!

  23. Wow! The door is terrific! Love it! Your husband is a doll!

  24. It’s truly lovely – no wonder you love it so much.

  25. Looks great & what a treasure for you in that your husband made it & welded the hardware!! Cant wait to see the entry 🙂

  26. Where did you get the wood panels?

  27. Catherine Kent says

    It’s beautiful. Is it made with new lumber or pallets?

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