Fresh Flowers, Spring Chickens, Placemat + Pillow

No, no, NO!  

That’s the answer I’ve given my kids every time they ask if they can get another animal.

When my kids were little, I was all in favor of having lots of animals, so each one of them got their own dog, my daughter also got 2 horses and a cat, and another cat adopted us that we kept (you can see him here).

But now that they are older, my rule is that they are welcome to get more pets…when they move out of my house.

Well, my resolve went out the window a few days ago when my daughter and I went into a farm supply store.

Fresh flowers and spring baby chicks -

We looked at all the cute baby chickens, and my daughter said we should get some.

I was ready to say no again, but said I’d think  about it.  Then she pointed out the sign that said “last week”, meaning get them now or wait until next year.

I’m such a sucker…I said yes, and we came home with 8 baby chicks.

Of course, that meant coming home and informing my husband that we needed to have a coop built, but look at that face.

Who could resist right?

Thankfully, he didn’t mind and started working on it the next day.  What a good guy! 🙂

Fresh flowers wreath stencil on burlap placemat -

And see that pretty placemat she’s sitting on – the one I hoped she wouldn’t poop on?

I made it to introduce the newest stencil in my Vintage Sign Stencils line! 🙂

Fresh Flowers Wreath Stencil

Fresh flowers in wreath stencil by Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

It is actually 3 stencils in 1, but there are 5 different ways to use it!  You can use the wreath by itself, use the wreath with “fresh flowers” inside the wreath, use the wreath with “hello” inside, or use “fresh flowers” and “hello” alone.

I made the placemat first, masking off “hello” at the bottom of the stencil.

Fresh flowers wreath floral stencil by Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

I used it again on a jute burlap pillow.  The wreath measures  about 8-1/2″ square, so this stencil fits best on 12 or 16″ pillows, but I had this 18″ burlap one and  really wanted to use it, so you can see it has a little extra space, but I still love how it looks.

jute burlap pillow with floral wreath fresh flowers stencil -

I was trying to decide where to photograph it, and I looked out my kitchen window and saw the amazingly chippy door we have on our guest house.  It was pretty dark and dreary indoors today, so getting the extra light outside helped, and I love that door so much!

Make your own "Fresh Flowers" burlap pillow using Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

DIY jute burlap floral wreath pillow -

I tend to primarily use black paint with stencils, and forget to use colors, but this one begged for a little color.  Here are three variations, just using one pastel color along with black.  I was in a hurry, so I just did them on a piece of poster board.

This one has the pop of color inside the wreath.

wreath fresh flowers stencil with color -

This one has the color on the wreath, with black words.

fresh flowers wreath color -

I was rushing too much and smudged this one a bit,but you get the idea.

fresh flowers wreath stencil -

This stencil can be purchased HERE.

Fresh flowers wreath stencil by Knick of Time Vintage Sign Stencils -

Vaya con Dios,




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  1. The chick is adorable. How do you know it’s a she?

  2. So, Angie, who gets to take care of these chickens? You? Your daughter? Some combination of the two–or three, if you figure Dad in–of you? Just askin’. The do grow up to be big chickens, you know. And in my opinion, they aren’t nearly as cute. But, then I guess that’s true of some humans, too! Well, at least you should have some eggs eventually! I hope you show us the chicken coop as I imagine it will be decorated in “vintage farmhouse” style!

    • Naomi, My daughter is taking care of them – I just check on them every so often when she’s gone at school or work. She wanted them, so she has to take care of them! 🙂

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