Cafe Lights in the Guest Room

When your kids are babies, life is all about cute little outfits, decorating the nursery, and getting photos to mark their 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th month moments, and nobody really warns you about what may be coming in the days ahead, do they?
cafe string lights in the guest room -

Oh sure, you may hear talk of the “terrible twos”, but when you look into the one-tooth grin on your cherubs face, you can’t imagine they could ever have a terrible day in their life.

But then…

cafe string lights in guest room -

Before you know it, they are  having their 10th birthday, and then learning to drive, and then going off to college, and you wonder how the time flew by so fast.

But then…

Create ambiance indoors and outdoors with cafe lights -

Sometimes that sweet cherub baby who grew up and went to college…

comes back home.

He comes back home and moves into the shed you remodeled to be your photo studio & guest room.

But you are totally okay with it, because he’s working full-time, is still taking classes, is still in the military, and is paying off his student loans with the money he saves living at home.

But the day comes when you REALLY just want your shed-turned photo studio/ guest room back.

So, you sit that boy down, and have a little heart to heart talk.

You lovingly tell him that he is more than welcome to live at home a little longer, as long as he moves himself and his belongings into the RV, which is conveniently parked in the driveway. 🙂

And you happily reclaim that room, bring back in your own things, and hang some cafe lights to celebrate!
cafe strand lights for indoor and outdoor use -

These Heavy-Duty Drop Outdoor String Lights helped me reclaim my space so beautifully!

All opinions are my own, and I was happy to share these wonderful cafe lights.  See my disclosure page for more information.




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