Cheese Dome Upcycle + Grade School Flashback

I’m a sucker for glass cloches, so a few weeks ago when I spotted this little cheese dome at a thrift store, I had to buy it.  How could I pass up such a cute little glass top and pretty wood base?  But there was one thing about it that I just didn’t like…

cheese dome -

It had a wood burned image of a cheese dome on the wood base.

The image is cute in it’s own way, but I didn’t intend to use it as a cheese dome, so that image had to go.

I thought about filling in the grooves of the woodburning, sanding and painting it, but I really liked the nature wood, so I’ll show you what I did instead!

cheese platter dome cloche -

Cheese Dome Thrift Shop Flip

I thought about using one of my vintage milk cap images to cover up the wood burnt part.  I love milk caps, and I’m always looking for ways to use them.

But – I didn’t do that. 🙂

farm fresh milk cap printables -

Instead, I decided to use one of my vintage clock faces, since the center of the clock face is an empty space (the free printable is here).  I wasn’t sure how to get it sized correctly, so I saved the image on a memory card and took it to Staples.  The man in the print center measured the size of the circle, and printed out for me, and he got it just the right size.

vintage clock face for cheese dome cloche -

I used school glue mixed with a little water to decoupage the the clock face to the base and let it dry.

Now, what to put in inside such a cute little cloche?

upcycled cheese dome with clock face -

A small succulent was just the right size. It isn’t so big that it covers up the clock face numbers, and it isn’t scrunched when I put the glass dome on.

A small cheese dome makes a beautiful display for small succulents -

Every time I say or think the word “succulent”, I have a grade school flashback.

small succulents in cheese dome -

Every year my school held a science fair, and one year I picked the topic, “Cacti and Succulents”.

Repurpose a cheese dome as a succulent display -

I think I chose the topic just because I wanted an excuse to ask my mom to buy all the cute little plants. 🙂

Decoupage a vintage clock face on a cheese dome cloche to display small succulents -

Turn a thrift store cheese serving dome into a beautiful display for small succulents -

Vaya con Dios,


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Concrete Tree  Slice Nature Cloche

wood slice nature cloche

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  1. Really cute Angie. That is my favorite of your free printable clock faces. I love to buy those little cheese domes for displaying small items. Will think about using the clock face in one of them them and maybe display one of my favorite small clocks … but love the succulent in yours.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Oh my gosh I love this! I’ve seen many cheese domes in my travels but none as cute as this one so I normally don’t pick them up. Fabulous upcycle! ANd yes, they ARE adorable, aren’t they? xo Kathleen PS I never thought of using wood slices as a cloche base, great idea I’ll probably have to try!

  3. Marlene Stephenson says

    What a cute makeover, I love the clock face idea. Thanks Angie.

  4. mare williams says

    I love what you did to transform the cheese board and glass dome!! And, I hope all is going well with your mom, now living without your father. Prayers continue to flow out to you and your family! Vaya con Dios!

    • Marlene, you don’t know how much it means that you are praying for me and my family. My mom is doing okay, although she’s struggling with some health issues of her own right now, so continued prayers are definitely coveted!

  5. So very cute. Kicking myself for not keeping the old cheese dome I had and never used. Also, thanks for the reminder of the concrete tree slice- had wanted to try those!

  6. Naomi S. says

    That is SO cute, Angie! I feel like I want to go right out to the thrift store and buy a cloche! Also, I am really loving getting familiar with the whole world of succulents lately. So, what am I waiting for??

  7. Too much cuteness! I love it!! I am your new biggest fan! Sue

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