Hot Chocolate Recipe DIY Chalkboard and Cocoa Bar

My family has been craving hot cocoa, but rather than buy packs at the grocery store, or the even more expensive version from Starbucks, I decided to display a homemade hot chocolate recipe on a pallet frame chalkboard.

I plan to make a batch of the homemade mix for each of my kids and attach the recipe card to it.

Hot Chocolate Recipe on a DIY Rustic Pallet Chalkboard -

Here’s how I made the hot chocolate recipe chalkboard:

I cut pallet wood into two 29″ lengths and two shorter 18″ lengths.

I attached the two shorter pieces to the top and bottom of the longer pieces, and attached them from the back so the screws would’t show. DIY rustic pallet wood frame -

I’ve used this same pallet frame design to make a frame for a vintage seed bag, and one for my oversize Christmaswall art, and to create an industrial farmhouse display.

When we cut pallets apart, we don’t remove the nails from the wood.  They add to the rustic look.

Attach a Reversible Chalk/Marker Board, cut to size ( under $6) by screwing it to the back of the frame.

DIY pallet wood frame chalkboard -

I made a printable of the hot chocolate recipe (links to printables below) and took it to Staples to be printed as ledger size so it would fit on the chalkboard.

Click HERE to save and print the full size hot chocolate recipe image below.

Click HERE to print as a 3 x 5 recipe card.


I rubbed the back of the printed copy with chalk and taped it onto the chalkboard, then I traced over the letters with a ballpoint pen to transfer the letters to the chalkboard.

It’s a bit tedious tracing all the letters, but it’s easier than writing all the words freehand and keeps the words lined up.

You can trace over the transferred letters with a chalk pencil, but I wanted the sign to be permanent, so I used an acrylic paint marker.


I hung it above our antique cook stove and used the shelf on the stove to set up the hot cocoa bar.

Warm up this winter with a hot cocoa bar and and easy to make hot chocolate recipe displayed on a DIY rustic chalkboard -

The hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and spoons are in mason jars, along with disposable cups with lids so they can quickly make a cup and take it on the go.

My family loves to top it off with a small mountain of whipped cream on top!


You’ll find many more DIY Christmas projects and inspiration HERE.

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Very, very cool, Angie. Thank you and Happy Holidays, Ardith

  2. Love this idea! Thanks for your inspiration and happy holidays……
    Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

  3. Love this project! But the real reason for my comment was to let you know that you are by far my favorite blogger!! I’m on the “mature” side but still want to make every single thing you post! Keep up the great work-your creativeness and imagination amaze me and I never miss a “episode”. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Pam in Western North Carolina

  4. This is so cute, Angie! I just made up a batch of hot cocoa mix and spruced up my cocoa bar, too! Must be that time of year!

  5. mare williams says

    Well Angie, once again you amazed me!! This is such a super idea, especially with the rustic beautiful frame and recipe on it – and the bar below it, on your antique aqua shelf is such eye candy!! BUT – I cannot see where the antique stove is. Is it out of the picture, or below the shelf? I want to see it so badly!! Thanks!!

  6. I like it. Wish I had room for one in my teeny, tiny kitchen. Probably better that I don’t; I’d be frequenting it too often and adding inches to my waistline!

    Hope your Christmas is Merry!

  7. Angie, I absolutely love the simplicity of your projects!! I neither need fancy materials, nor special tools or skills. I love, love, love this!! Thank you so much for stirring my imagination with each of your posts.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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