Farmhouse Style DIY Decor Made with Salvaged Wood

A farmhouse wooden swing shelf, plus a collection of 13 DIY decor projects all made from salvaged wood.

Farmhouse Style DIY Decor Made With Salvaged Wood |

A few years ago, I made an Old-Fashioned Swing out of salvaged wood.

On cool summer mornings when the birds are chirping, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world to pretend I’m a kid again, without a care in the world, and swing to my heart’s content.

DIY farmhouse wooden swing -


I looked out my front door at it a few days ago, and it inspired me to make an indoor version of the swing.

Instead of hanging from a tree, the mini version is a rope shelf that hangs on the wall.


It is an easy project that’s perfect for the beginner.

Only a few tools are needed to make it – a saw to cut the wood to the desired length, and a drill to cut the holes for the rope.

The only supplies I had to buy were two ceiling hooks and some rope.

Pallet wood planks had the perfect rustic look I wanted for my shelf.

I just gave it a dry-brushed coat of paint, which accented the wonderful rough texture of the wood.

The photo on the shelf is the view down my country road that I see when I’m sitting on my swing.

I love the view so much and have taken photos of it in every season of the year.  [You can see them HERE.]

Now I can enjoy the view with the photo sitting on my farmhouse swing rope shelf!


The farmhouse swing shelf is similar to the Floating Pallet Wood Shelf I made that hangs from the ceiling.

how to make a floating pallet wood shelf |


These are just a few of the projects I’ve made with salvaged wood, but there are many more!

Click on any photo below for more farmhouse projects and DIY decor that were all made with salvaged wood.

What do you think of my little wooden swing shelf?

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  1. What a great collection of projects. Perfect for any time of the year.

  2. Good Morning Angie,
    I love this idea. Old wooden swings just make me smile and this is such a cute idea to make it into a shelf.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. The rope shelf turned out so great, Angie! You have had some wonderful salvaged wood projects!

  4. Angie, this is gorgeous, I purchased one similar at a bazaar a while back and I LOVE the inspiration on how you use yours. PINNING

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