Old Ladder Succulent Garden Plant Stand

Old Ladder Succulent Garden Plant Stand

Junk Garden Series Project #4

Take your garden bed to new heights by going vertical with an old ladder!

I love the flower bed outside my guest house, but the wall behind it seemed like it was lacking something.

I had already hung a window screen sign and minnow bucket planter on one side, but the other side of the wall needed something too.

I thought about planting sunflowers, but knowing it would be several months before they grew large, I decided to use one of my old ladders to make a vertical succulent garden.

I want to be able to leave the ladder outdoors all year, so I planted sempervivum (hens and chicks) in funnels, an old bread pan, and tin cups.

It will do great all summer, but can also handle the cold temperatures we get in Illinois in the winter.

If the weather looks like it will drop below the teens, I’ll bring the ladder in to the guest house.

All I needed to do was round up some vintage kitchen pieces and plant succulents in them.

I drilled holes on one side of a vintage bread pan for hanging it and drilled more in the bottom for drainage.

How to make a vertical succulent garden with hens and chicks in vintage bread pans | www.knickoftime.net

I did the same with the funnels and tin cups, then attached them to the ladder with screws.

My funnels are small, medium, and large, so I picked plants to match each funnel size.

Turn an old ladder into a vertical succulent garden using vintage rusty funnels as planters | www.knickoftime.net

Turn an old ladder into a vertical succulent garden using vintage rusty funnels as planters | www.knickoftime.net

I also refreshed my vintage bike flower basket with beautiful purple and yellow violas.

DIY Vertical Succulent Ladder Planter with Vintage Kitchen Bread Pans, Funnels and Tin Cups | www.knickoftime.net

I’ve never had a chicken photo bomb one of my photos before, but I guess when she heard me talking about hens and chicks, she thought I was calling her. 🙂

Chicken photo bombing my junk garden vertical succulent planter | www.knickoftime.net

What really cracked me up is that she walked right in front of the Feed the Birds sign.

Talk about timing!

Turn old junk into beautiful repurposed garden decor with ideas from the Junk Series @ Knick of Time | www.knickoftime.net

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  1. It’s always fun to see your creative ideas come to reality. I could see sweet potato vines trailing down from the ladder, too. The hen made me smile. I keep some hens for eggs, and they are entertaining to watch when they are out on “bug patrol”.

  2. This turned out so great, Angie! I love the chicken photobomb, too!

  3. Naomi S. says

    I love that Ms. Chicken took the opportunity to become well-known! She’s a smart one and will go far!

    I am crazy about the hens and chicks ladder garden! Those old kitchen items are perfect. You do good work, Angie!

    • Thanks Naomi! I couldn’t believe how persistent that chicken was – she just kept walking right into the photo, no matter how many times I shooed her away!

  4. I just love the visual eye candy on this ladder! Great job!

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