Meet Jack and Sawyer | Adopting Lost Baby Kittens

Meet Jack and Sawyer | Adopting Lost Baby Kittens

You’ve seen those crazy infomercials that come on late at night, right?

You know, the ones where they try to convince you to buy a ginsu knife, and if you’re not convinced, “but wait, there’s more!”.  They’ll also throw in set of steak knives and a can opener!  Today’s blog post is something like that. 🙂

Do you remember last year right after my dad passed away and we found a pair of lost kittens by my mom’s house?

cute lost baby kittens |

Well, my mom couldn’t keep them, so my sister’s family found homes for them.

     But wait, there’s more! ( lost kittens, that is).

I mentioned that a few weeks ago my daughter adopted a pair of lost baby kittens.

The only reason they were lost is that someone dumped them, so when a police officer told my daughter (who is a 911 operator) that they would be euthanized the next day, she couldn’t let that happen and asked if she could bring them home.

Of course, I said “yes,” but her dad’s stipulation was that once they are old enough, they need to become outdoor barn cats because he doesn’t want more than one indoor cat.

Being outdoor barn cats is a whole lot better than being dead cats, so they joined our family.

We want to gradually introduce them to the outdoors, so my teenage son and I took them outside.

At first, they were scared and timid and cowered in the basket.

     But wait, there’s more! …

Birds were singing, butterflies flew by, and a gentle breeze was blowing, and they realized there’s a great big world (or yard) outside the basket.

Jack (the dark kitten) really wanted to get out of the basket, but he held back.  Sawyer was brave, though, and was the first one to climb out onto the picnic table.

     But wait, there’s more! …

Jack couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and finally climbed out and made the leap to the ground to join Sawyer.

At first, they went to the safety of my son’s arms, but they soon got restless.

So he sat on the hammock swing with them and they discovered he makes a fun jungle gym.

   But wait, there’s more! …

If climbing up his shirt was fun, imagine how fun climbing up his legs would be!

     But wait, there’s more!

Sawyer spotted the tree by the hammock swing, and went to investigate.

He discovered what all the big cats know …

Tree climbing is amazing!


They loved their first outdoor outing almost as much as we love their two furry little baby faces.

Meet Jack & Sawyer | The story of Adopting Lost Baby Kittens and watching them grow |

Adopting lost kittens is becoming a “thing” for us.

“But wait, there’s more” seems to be our motto. 🙂

Mary Jane adores her two little adopted babies so much.

Loki is an outdoor cat, and the jury is still out with him.  Hopefully they won’t fight when the kittens move outside full-time.

Our female cat totally adopted to little lost kittens as her own |

If you haven’t met Mary Jane & Loki, the other cats we adopted, you can read about them here & here.

And here’s one of the kittens my daughter did foster care for … just because he’s cute.

Stenciled drop cloth Milk and Cream Co. pillow and baby kitten |

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I had kittens throughout my life, but stopped when we started traveling in our motorhome. There is nothing cuter.

  2. ColleenB. says

    How sweet and they are So precious and what a happy ending that you adopted them. Good for you and good for them cute little fur babies.

  3. How wonderful you saved their previous lives…
    PLEASE have them spayed and or neutered ASAP, to keep the population down… I do animal rescue
    Thank you

  4. Thanks for saving their lives!!! So cute.

  5. They are so cute. Thank you for sharing. Love your posts.

  6. They’re gorgeous. I love kittens but not so sure about cats… I can’t stand the shedding. 🙂

    • I do wish they’d stay small, Zefi. We love our big cats too though. Mary Jane has an amazing personality and is such a good mommy to the kittens, and Loki is a great “mouser” outdoors.

  7. I’m so glad your daughter was able to save those sweet kitten’s lifes, Angie. You all have a big heart. Oh yes, kittens love to climb up legs, lol. We have our share of scratches too but that’s totally o.k. . I wish Jack and Sawyer a wonderful life as part of your outdoor cat gang. 🙂
    xo Julia

    • Julia, they are so funny right now. They literally take flying leaps at your legs to climb up. As long as they don’t do it to me when I have sorts on! 🙂

  8. MARTHAIA says

    Bless you & your family for taking care of these precious babies !!!

  9. Adorable!! Thank you for giving them a home. 🙂

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