Stenciled Drop Cloth Pillow and Down Time

My stencil sales have been coming in at a somewhat slow and steady pace, which was fine, because it was a pace I could keep up with.  Then BAM, as soon as I introduced the Milk & Cream Co. stencil design, orders started pouring in.  I wasn’t prepared to get so many orders so quickly and I spent the weekend up to my ears in Milk and Cream.

Of course, that’s a very good thing, but by yesterday I was exhausted, and in dire need of some relaxation.  Some family time at the lake was just the down time I needed.

fishing dock

We ate a picnic dinner, then my 3 sons headed out on a rowboat to do some fishing.  My daughter decided to fish from the dock, and my husband and I went out on a paddle boat to just troll around.

lake fishing

fishing on the dock

It was 90 degrees, with no breeze at all, but once we paddled over to the edge of the lake where it was shady, it felt wonderful.

As worn out as I was, I could have curled up and fallen asleep to the sound of the water, and the dragonflies buzzing around.  I had no desire to wade or swim, but I did drag my feet off the side of the paddle boat to cool off.

no swimming sign

Today it was time to get back to work though.  I packaged up more orders, then wanted to make another project using the stencil.

I had given my mom a large drop cloth, and she turned it into a bunch of envelope closure pillow covers for me.

To sew your own pillow cover, the instructions are here.

envelope closure pillow cover

To stencil a pillow, I used these supplies:

1)  stencil

2)  painter’s tape

3)  fabric paint (I used paint for screen printing,  but you can use regular fabric paint.

4) stencil brush or roller

5) disposable plate

stenciled pillow supplies

Center the stencil on the cover, and use painter’s tape to keep it in place.

how to stencil a pillow

Put paint on the plate, and load your brush or roller with paint.  You want to just enough paint to cover the surface of the brush or roller, but not so much that any will bleed under the stencil – so you should have barely any paint on it – less is best!  You will go over the stencil a few times, gradually darkening up the image with each light layer of paint.  If you are using a foam roller, use care not to push to hard, which will cause the paint to squish off the roller.

painted pillow

Carefully lift the stencil, and allow the paint to dry to dry (or speed it up with a blow dryer. Most fabric paints require heat-setting, so follow the instructions on the paint you use.

Here’s the finished drop cloth pillow cover.

milk and cream co.

My daughter has been doing foster care for a litter of kittens, but they have gained enough weight to be adopted now, so they’ll be going back to the Humane Society tomorrow.  It’s been so much fun having them, and I so hope they find good homes.  It’s going to be a little too quiet around here without them.

Every kitty loves milk and cream, so I had to get a shot of one of them with the pillow!

drop cloth pillow

Generally when I ship things, I use free boxes, but I wanted my stencil shipments to have a consistent, branded design, so I’ve been working on package labels and package inserts.  I bought out all the boxes our local Staples had, and they are ordering more for me.  I designed the labels to put on the boxes that show examples of a few of the stencil designs.  I’ll be working on some new business cards as well.

Things are hoppin! branding and packaging

Vintage Sign Stencils are available in my online shop HERE.

Vintage Sign Stencils

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  1. so glad to hear your stencil line is such a success! That Milk & Cream graphic really is tops. And I really like the idea of using your graphics on your mailing containers. Genius!
    I may have to get someone I know who sews (cough, sisters, cough) to make me some pillows as mine are worn out.
    I’m jealous of your lovely day at the lake – looks quite idyllic.

  2. Gilmer Gal says

    I love those pillows! I appreciate all your tutorials and posts. Thanks!

  3. Many happy congratulations on the huge success of your stencils endeavour, Angie…you sooooo deserve this! But like any worthwhile venture, it takes a lot out of you…I’m glad to hear you are taking a bit of time for yourself because you need that, too. After all, success isn’t going to be enjoyable if you aren’t feeling your best, right?

    That said, I’m hoping that one day soon, your stencil line will expand to include other countries because I’d soooooo love to get my hands on your amazing “Milk and Cream Co,” stencil! 🙂

    • Oh, and also meant to add…I am in awe of those pillows! And the bitty kitty, too! What a great photo that is, actually…my sincerest compliments to the photographer! 🙂 And brava to your daughter for mothering the wee motherless ones…I am sure they will find good forever homes and then your daughter can be proud that she was such a big part of them living out their lives in security and happiness!

    • I CAN ship them to other countries!! I just need to know what country, so I can add it to the listing for you! 🙂

      • You just made my life with that news! 🙂 I’m in Canada and it’s not like you need to worry about shipping it out quickly or anything…I’d insist you take your time and tend to your other orders first, okay? I’ll keep an eye on the listing to see when I’m able to order. I’m excited!!! Thank you soooooo very much!!!

  4. Congratulations on your stencil success! The pillow is adorable and paired with the kitten even more adorable.

  5. That kitten is so lovely it’s making me purr.

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    Glad your tired for a good reason,get some rest and i love your pillow. Thanks for this post i never thought of using a little roller.

  7. Congrats on your stencil line. In that same vein–will you be doing a stencil of the Then Sings My Soul ? That would be awesome to recreate.

  8. Elizabeth says

    Hi Angie…I am one of those individuals that ordered your Milk and Cream stencil and I CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT!! I am so excited for it-all the fun things that you have shown using that particular stencil are so darn cute…can’t wait!
    Glad to see you enjoyed the lake, it looks beautiful!

  9. I received my Milk and Cream stencil today…so I was one of the patrons who helped wear you out. You had to know that with all the projects you did with this simple but delightful design, we were all holding our breath until you made it available 🙂 Certainly wasn’t my intention to add to the flurry of orders, but I sure am happy to have received it so fast! (Michigan is just a ‘skip’ away 🙂 Now, I’m ready for my own flurry…of Milk & Cream signs, pillows, windows, etc. Thanks so much for your find work, both on the blog and in your stencil business. Glad you could take a lovely “rest” at the lake.

  10. Judy Lincicum says

    OK, I’m one of the persons causing you grief, too. I ordered Milk and Cream, also and got so excited about the possibilities, that I ordered a small Vaughn’s Seed for my garden collection too! I’m really excited to get them and start with the pillows and garden items! Thanks, Angie, for being such a super help for my projects looking their best. You are very talented!

    Judy in Arizona

  11. Yay for Milk and Cream! I have a farm/barn theme in my back entry hall. The centerpiece is a painting of a barn that my mother did, framed in barnwood. I’m thinking that I should use the Milk and Cream stencil in some way in that area. Maybe just on a piece of vintage wood to make a plaque for the wall. I’ll have to think about that some more, but I bet it would look great! I love your creative posts. And those kittens–just so darling when they are little–kind of like kids!

  12. I love this idea, Angie! Looking forward to using my stencil!

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