Farmhouse Bathroom Picket Fence Towel Hooks Shelf

Farmhouse Bathroom Picket Fence Towel Hooks Shelf

If you can use a cordless screwdriver, you can make this farmhouse style shelf with towel hooks.  It’s SO easy!

If you’ve been visiting my blog for very long, you know I love soaking in my bathtub.  Nearly every single post I’ve written, has been written while soaking in the tub, so I did a little rearranging and made a picket fence shelf for my bathroom that’s just my farmhouse style!


Supplies Used:

Gothic fence pickets (I bought five of them.)

1″ x 8″ pine board (These come in various lengths.  Mine was a four-ft. board.)

8 x 1″ Lath screws

Cordless drill and screw driver bits

Cast iron shelf brackets

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Picket Fence Bathroom Towel Bar Shelf |

How to Make a  Farmhouse Bathroom Picket Fence Towel Hooks Shelf

  1.  Cut the fence pickets to your desired height.  (Your home improvement center should cut them at no charge.)  I had mine cut 22″ long and saved the piece that was cut off for the next step.
  2.  Have the cut off parts cut again as attachment boards for the back.  I had mine cut 15″.
  3.  Cut the pine board for the shelf.  I had mine cut 18″ long.
  4.  Line up the fence pickets, and screw two attachment boards onto the back side as shown below.

Make sure there are screws going into each picket.

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Picket Fence Bathroom Towel Bar Shelf |

  1.  Paint or stain the front side of the pickets and the pine shelf board.
  2.  Screw the shelf brackets into the shelf first, then into the pickets, and then screw in the coat hooks beneath the shelf.

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Picket Fence Bathroom Towel Hooks Shelf |

You can hang a towel and washcloth on the hooks and put bath supplies or a plant on the shelf.

Antique style salvaged wood sign in a farmhouse bathroom |

I’d love to hear what you think of my new farmhouse bathroom picket fence towel hooks shelf!  Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Easy Build Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Picket Fence Towel Hooks Shelf by Knick of Time |


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  1. Super Cute Angie. Happy New Week.

  2. You have such a beautiful bathroom and this DIY fits perfectly!

  3. That is really cute, Angie! I could see it being used other places, too. Like painted and hung in the kitchen or the entryway. Very versatile, I think and it looks so easy to make. Nice idea!

  4. I love the look of this. But, concerned that the metal hooks, unless water sealed, may rust.

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