Farmhouse Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls

Ever since I made my first overalls wall pocket more than four years ago, I’ve become hooked on making them.  Not only are they an adorable way to store things, but they make really cute alternative wreaths too.  I used a hot glue gun on my first one and the second one was sewn (seen here).  I wanted to make a farmhouse Christmas wreath, so this time I’m including the easy sewing tutorial.   DIY Farmhouse Christmas Wreath fomRepurposed denim overalls| You can make them from any size of overalls, but I used a toddler size this time.  You can also include the lower pockets as I did on the first and second wall pockets, but this time I just used the bib.

How to Make a Farmhouse Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls

Supplies Needed:

Toddler overalls

Sewing machine and thread

Small glass jar

Seasonal evergreen and pine cones or flower picks


  1. Pick up a pair of toddler overalls at a thrift store.  The price tag on mine was $2.99, but I got mine half price.  Deal!

How to make a Denim Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls |  2.  Decide how long you want the wall pocket to be and cut them off.  Mine was cut just underneath the bib. How to make a Repurposed Denim Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls |


3. Sew at the bottom to close the opening.

How to repurposed denim toddler clothing into a farmhouse style alternative Christmas wreath |

4. Sew along the front bib pocket over the stitching so the thread is invisible from the front.  Here’s what it looks like from the back.


How to Make a Denim Christmas Wreath from Toddler Overalls| www/


5. Slide jar inside the bib between the front and back.

How to upcycle toddler overalls into a denim Christmas wreath|

6. Tuck a small pine cone pick into the jar, and it’s done! 

Upcycled Denim Farmhouse Christmas Alterative Wreath Tutorial | www.knick

You can easily replace the pine cone pick after winter is over and add another one for spring, summer or fall, so it can be used all year long.  I can’t take credit for this project because I’ve been visiting my mom in New Mexico, and she gets along MUCH better with her sewing machine than I do with mine.  So she did the sewing and I just added the ticking handkerchief in the bib pocket and the pine cone sprig and took the photos.  I’ve also got her working on some new Christmas stockings which I’ll share later.  Thanks Mom!  PIN ME!

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  1. Norma Rolader says

    oh my how cute!!!! Thank you for sharing and the how to info

  2. Peggie Crist says

    Absolutely precious! Love it!

  3. Love this! I made a clothespin bag out of an infant jean jumper and an infant wooden hanger, I shared a picture with you on your facebook messenger!

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