DIY Ombré Effect Pallet Tray Using Chalk Finish Paint

DIY Ombré Effect Pallet Tray Using Chalk Finish Paint

The Ombré effect has been around for quite some time, but I have never tried it myself and wanted to make a farmhouse style tray using the technique.  I Googled and looked on Pinterest to learn how, and I’m excited to say it worked!

DIY Ombré Effect Pallet Tray Using Chalk Finish Paint by Knick of Time Farmhouse Decor blog |

Here’s how I created the DIY Ombré Effect:

Supplies Used:

*Affiliate links included to help you find the supplies I used.

Dixie Belle’s large rectangular pallet board

Dixie Belle’s Fluff 

Dixie Belle’s Yankee Blue

Established Wreath Transfer

Chalkology Paste (I used White & Elephant.)

Angled Squeegee

3 Plastic containers

4 Chip brushes

Spray bottle

Easy Peasy Spray Wax

2 Handles

DIY Ombré Effect Directions:

I mixed Dixie Belle’s Fluff  into the Yankee Blue in various ratios to create the ombré paint effect.

Paint Ratios:

Bottom – Dixie Belle’s Fluff  100%

Middle – Dixie Belle’s Yankee Blue 50% and Pure White 50%

Above Middle – Yankee Blue 25% and Fluff 75%

Top – Fluff – 100%

  • Start with the darkest color first and paint the bottom of the pallet tray with that color.
  • Repeat using the next lightest color covering 2 boards, and again using a new paint brush.
  • Spritz a little bit of water on it to keep it moist, then use a new paint brush to feather the two paint colors and blend together.  Be gentle with the brush and don’t overwork the paint.

It’s okay to get a bit of one color of paint on the section next to it. That actually helps when feathering the colors together.

  • Paint the last layer (spritzing water again if needed), feather the two colors together (again, using a new paint brush), and let it dry completely.
  • Seal in the paint with spray wax.

I added another coat on the first layer to cover the water spots.  You have to work quickly because Dixie Belle paints dry fast!

Seal in the paint with wax or I used Easy Peasy Spray Wax.  I had never tried it before and wanted to see if it was as easy as I’ve heard it is to use, and it was!

To use Easy Peasy Spray Wax:

  • Shake container well.
  • Mist over a small area.
  • Let stand for about 5 seconds.
  • Wipe with lint free cloth.
  • Apply a 2nd or 3rd coat if desired.

At this point you can add the handles to the tray but I wanted to dress mine up a bit with a wreath transfer from Chalk Couture.   I didn’t want to add the numbers so I cut transfer apart and played around with the placement of the designs to see where I wanted them.

  • Cut apart the wreath transfer and fuzz it on a towel.   If you need more details about using Chalk Couture transfers, see this post.
  • Position the transfer on the pallet, making sure it is well adhered.
  • Apply some paste to the edge of the transfer and using the angled squeegee drag the paste across the transfer.

I avoided the established letters because I wouldn’t be using the numbers.  I used white Chalkology paste on the small embellishments and elephant (gray) on the wreath, then added the handles.

I’m thrilled with how the ombré effect turned out and will definitely do it again!

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. I love it! As always very inspiring!

  2. Thanks so much Kim!

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