Secret Garden Patio Reveal

Secret Garden Patio Reveal

This is a long overdue post about my secret garden patio.  I had a ton of photos to go through but limited them to less than a dozen.  I hope you enjoy it!

When I last showed you my plans for a secret garden patio, it looked like this.

My husband had cleared the area of trash and installed concrete paver blocks, and I had started planting bedding plants and seeds in some old washtubs.

Then I bought a water fountain from Decor Steals, hooked it all up, and set it in place.

I had bought a washtub last year and had been using it in my laundry room but decided to turn it into a planter.  I planted lobelia and put it next to the water fountain.

I moved the furniture from the covered porch and put it on the patio area, but realized it looked too scrunched.

I made another trip for more paver blocks and my hubby installed them to make it larger.

Meanwhile, I hired my youngest son to paint that ugly wall!  I decided the paint color should be neutral brown so everything else would be the focal point.

I moved my repurposed work table potting bench and put one of the antique courthouse windows behind it.

It’s just like the one I have in my farmhouse kitchen.  I bought 20 of them at an auction and only have 3 left.  I sold a bunch of them to a person restoring a big historic barn.

Below are a bunch of random shots so you get the feel for how the patio looks.

Secret Garden Farmhouse Patio |

My daughter gave me a beautiful mandevilla for Mother’s Day and we trained it to grow up a fan garden trellis.  I couldn’t get a very good shot of it with the patio furniture.

My oldest came home for Army Reserve duty and we enjoyed sitting out on my secret garden patio.

My mom is visiting for a few weeks and I caught her napping on the patio.  I did tell her that I snapped a photo of her and would share it on the blog!

Farmhouse Secret Garden Patio |

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  1. Love the reveal on the Secret Garden ! What a great space to hang out (or nap) !

  2. I love what you’ve done to your Secret Garden Patio. Looks really good.
    There is no link to click on to the rest of your yard and garden projects.

  3. Sandy McElroy says

    Love it, looks so relaxing, Aunt Carol sure seems to be enjoying it.

  4. What a wonderful space you have created. I love the work table…actually I just love it all. You are one talented lady!!

  5. This must have been a fun project. You have certainly repurposed lots of items. I almost bought that fountain from Decor Steals, but had no place to put it. It looks like a success from the looks of that last photo, “naptime”!!

  6. Mary Boger says

    Lovely! Glad your mom found it so relaxing. I have just the spot for a secret garden.

  7. Love love love this…just got better with each photo…well done

  8. What a wonderful spot. Got a good chuckle with your mom getting in a couple ZZ’s. That was adorable. Great job!

  9. Michele Yates says

    So pretty and inspiring. My secret spot will need to be in a screened porch since we have so many mosquitoes!!
    Lovely, thanks for sharing.

  10. Pamela Martin says

    It all looks fantastic. I am thinking the brown paint makes the whole thing come together. Well done.

  11. I love it! The water fountain is wonderful and that you added the little bird house. Hugs,

  12. Marlene Stephenson says

    Great place to set outside, looks shady and cool. Love all the flowers and your potting bench, you have it all in order, i guess may even be a good place to hide. Have a good visit with your mom.

  13. Claudine says

    You all did a great job. This is a lovely spot to sit and relax now…SO much better than before! lol

  14. Angie, I love your little patio garden. I have an area on one side of my garage that I am trying to do something pretty with. Your design gives me some ideas. The wash tub with the lobelia is so pretty. How much sun or shade does it get? I’ve never had much luck with lobelia. It always gets leggy and ugly looking. My daughter p lanted some with some begonias in my kitchen window box which is south-facing but they got all straggly, too. And I was quite faithful about watering them.

  15. Your garden is so charming, Angie! Your mom looks very relaxed out there! Lovely space!

  16. Terri Hughes says

    Looks like a peaceful and quiet place to get away from it all. Your Mom approves…lol. Very nice!

  17. Wanda Swaim says

    Love the secret garden!

  18. Love IT! Especially that work table/sink….I need one of those!

  19. Hi Angie! Wow what a project (for real!) You have turned your secret garden into a beautiful spot for spending time with family. It has so much personality!

  20. Wow! It really turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!! I love it! Where did you get your stuff for your fountain? Ok I see in the comments where you purchased it at

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