Spring Wreath Farmhouse Frame DIY

In this post: A Spring Wreath Farmhouse Frame

Easily create this Spring Wreath Farmhouse Frame using inexpensive supplies.  It’s rustic, yet elegant, and the neutral color looks beautiful year-round.

DIY Spring Wreath Farmhouse Frame Knick of Time

I used to make a lot of book page canvas wall art that I sold in my Etsy shop and I still had several 16″ x 20″ stretched canvases left over.  Once the canvas is removed, you have an inexpensive frame to use.  I have a few that I had already removed the canvas from.

I used one on my Home for the Holidays Christmas Sign.  I stained another for this project.

In addition to the wood frame, you’ll also need some craft chicken wire for inside the frame, a wire cutter, wire, a staple gun, and of course a wreath.

Buying a roll of craft chicken wire is under $4 and you’ll have leftover for another project.  The wire cutter is also under $4.  I love it for cutting apart faux flower bunches.

After measuring out the size of space in the opening of the frame, I cut the chicken wire using wire cutters.  You may want to wear gloves for this step because cutting through the thick wire doesn’t feel all that great on your hands!

Finally, I attached the chicken wire to the back of the frame using a staple gun.  You’ll want to staple close to the edges of the wire so no sharp pieces stick out.  I had to go back and add more staples after getting pricked.

Here’s how the frame looks with the wire inside.

The wreath I used is a Honey Locust & Rosemary Wreath.  It’s a great size for the frame.

Simply loop some wire around the wreath and through the chicken wire to attach the wreath to the frame.

I felt like it needed something else, so I added a burlap loop bow in the corner tied on with twine.

Since I stink at making bows, I bought mine.  One of my goals this year is to finally learn to make pretty bows!

DIY Spring Wreath Farmhouse Frame by Knick of Time

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Spring Wreath Chicken Wire Rustic Wood Frame by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

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  1. Nice wreath idea, Angie. I didn’t know you could by chicken wire intended especially for crafting. Might be easier to handle than what you buy in the feed store, yes?

    The pillow with the vintage truck is cute, too. Do you buy your muslin pillow covers separately from the pillow forms? Actually, if I would get in gear and get my sewing machine out they would be easy to make.

  2. Yes I buy them Naomi.

  3. I love the framed wreath. I’m not good at bows but my son’s wife makes beautiful bows. I know she would love to help me with this craft. Thank you for the detail directions and great idea.

  4. This is SO lovely! I love the different textures used it. What a great piece!

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