New Book Page Canvas Art Design

It’s been a busy, fun and crowded, 2-1/2 weeks at my house, while my mom, nephew, and niece were here visiting, and I’m sad it’s come to a close.  They are boarding the train to return home shortly, and my house will seem too quiet for the next few days.  I’m already looking forward to September, when my mom and dad will return for another visit.  I haven’t worked on many projects while my mom was here, but a customer ordered one of my Amazing Grace Book Page Canvases, so I decided to work on a new style while I was at it.  I decided to use some words from, “In Christ Alone” – one of my favorite songs.
Repurposed Book Page Canvas Wall Art by Knick of Time

I’ll be sad when I run out of these early 1900’s Bible pages to work with.  They are super fragile, but they are so beautifully aged.  This one is available in my shop HERE.

Repurposed Book Page Canvas Wall Art by Knick of Time

You can see my other 2 hymn canvas designs here and here.


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  1. This is such a great idea for a canvas!

  2. Just beautiful! What a great idea! And I love the lyric.

  3. As always, a unique and beautiful piece.

  4. that’s really antique i like all the above pics awesome

  5. this is such a great art i respect you art design

  6. I’d love to know your technique for layering the text on top of your already-layered pages. When I’ve tried doing multiple layers, I seem to get things a little lumpy…and when you already start off with a textured surface like canvas, does that make it harder to keep things smooth for the final text layer on top?

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