Happy, Sad, Excited + Talk of the Town #168

Have you ever felt a combination of happy, sad, and excited at the same time?  That’s how I feel, because my husband and I are officially empty-nesters.  My youngest son got his first apartment, and although I was happy for him, I was sad for me.

As he drove off, I stood at the door waving and blowing him kisses and crying like a baby.  I sat down at my desk trying to compose myself and realized how dreadfully quiet it was.

About two minutes later, I heard a car in the driveway.  He came back in the house and said, “Do you want to play a game mom?”  He hates the game that I love, so that started me crying all over again.   After beating me soundly (at the game!), he left again with me waving and blowing kisses at the door … again.

The reason I am excited is that now I will have a larger guest room/craft room!  Of course, the room needs a really good cleaning and I’ll need to do some fixing up.  But it will be so nice to have a heated space where I can work.

Well, enough about me, because now it’s time to party!

Welcome back to Talk of the Town!

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  1. My daughter’s only 12 but I’m not excited about her getting older. I just want to hold onto these years for as long as I can. It sounds like you’ve raised a great son.

  2. Angie,
    Congrats on being an empty nester!! Both my sons are out of the house now for about 9 years… I could not wait until they left so I could take over their rooms as I had been planning those rooms for years and had things in storage for them!! I had a friend who said she was ripping the curtains off of her daughter’s windows as she waved good bye to her!! LOL!! I mentioned you in my Powder Room post because I once again showed graphics ( ladies in hats) from your site!! Thank you once again!!!Thanks for hosting each week!!

  3. Thanks for the party again!

  4. Congrats on an empty nest. Our youngest is a highschool senior. Sniff. Sniff.


  5. A new chapter in your lives, believe me, it’s good! Your son is one precious guy to come back like that! thanks for hosting, Angie.

  6. Thank you for hosting the party!

  7. I can definitely relate to your story. It is so incredibly hard to say good bye when the children leave home. I could feel the tears well up as I read your article since I and many other mothers need to go through the same experience. I hope they haven’t moved too far. It was so sweet that your son came back to play a game with you. I hope you will enjoy your new craft room and your son will enjoy his new apartment and new wings.

  8. That’s a great story about your son. Good kid!
    I don’t have children but I often think about my mom in this situation.
    I was, well there is no nice way to put it,…an accident – born 10 years after my next oldest sister and my mom was 43.
    She said she was sad when I moved out and I believe her but after that many years of child-rearing I’m sure some part of her was all about “GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

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