{Primping in the Ladies’ Room}

 Several weeks ago, I gave you glimpses of the project I thought I would be showing you within a day or two. I should have known that was a stretch, but I’ve been chomping at the bit and I guess I hoped if I blogged about it, the project would be completed sooner. Well, it took longer than I’d hoped and I really wanted to be able to photograph the room with a wide-angle lens, but there comes a point {Read More}

Beauty in the Beast

Here’s the beauty That was in this”beast”. My daughter’s friend said it looked like a coffin. I wasn’t sure if wanted to try to save it, or take it aparat it to and use the parts for other projects. I pondered it for several days. It was so structurally sound that I hated to destroy it as a whole piece of furniture, so I decided I’d see what I could do with it. The veneer on top was beyond working with, so {Read More}