Antique Grain Sacks Banner {Printable}

Yesterday I shared some printable Printable Grain Sack Images with you and I promised that
today I’d share some projects I created with these images.

This image, from my very favorite grain sack, makes the perfect background for several projects.

The first project I made with it is a pennant banner with the word “Family”,
but you can add any word you’d like to your banner.
I cropped a portion of the image, then had it printed at a photo center
into inexpensive 4×6 prints – costing only 9 cents each.  I ordered 10 prints
so I’d have a few extra in case I goofed any up.
I scanned this image at very high resolution, so the weave in the fabric
is extremely true to life when you print it.

I marked the center point of the back of each photo, then drew lines from
each corner down to that point.

Here are my cut pennants, ready to add the lettering to.

I used stencils and painted the letters on the banners.
I put a very slight amount of paint on a rag, then very lightly dabbed over the stencil.
Your letter will then pick up the texture of the rag, which is perfect for a fabric texture banner.
Take a look at the clarity of the fabric weave in the photo.
Short of using an actual grain sack to make a banner, this is an amazingly realistic copy of it.
Here’s the cropped image I used to create this pennant banner.
If you plan to create a banner like mine, this is the image you’ll want to use.
If you don’t have letter stencils, just save this image to your computer,
then add use either Paint or Picmonkey to add letters.
I’ve got my banner hanging on an old screen door in our living room.

I’ve got a few more projects I’ll be sharing with you with the remainder of the week.
I hope you enjoy them!



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  1. You are the queen of vintage! I love these images and that door with the banner is SO cool!

  2. I love your grainsack images! They are so farmhouse cute, Jean

  3. What a really smart idea! Love the fabric choices. I want to do a banner for Xmas and I think the blue grainsack would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Rosemary@villabarnes says

    Cool banner, Angie. Love the texture.

  5. How clever are you:) Love the idea. Yours looks fantastic:)

  6. Such an amazingly clever and simple concept. I love it!

  7. I love this and the printables are great. Great job and the tutorial is a good job.

  8. I love everything about buntings! I just made some tiny paper ones.

  9. You are so creative. I love your ideas. I added your blog to my sidebar!

  10. Well, aren’t you a doll for sharing this ingenious idea with us… as well as the printables! Thank you so much.: )


  11. LOVE this! Following you now. Follow me too at I posted Halloween Chalk Board to the party:) Cheers!

  12. Great fabric banners and flags you have here. Are all of these homemade? If they are then you are doing quite a great job there. Such creativity put in these wonderful work. Thank you for the share of your work.


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