Book Page Wreath

We went to our sons’ basketball tournament last week and had a 5 hour drive each way and a lot of hotel time throughout the week, so I knew I needed to take along a project to work on, or I’d go stir-crazy.  I couldn’t tote along my Silhouette or wood boards, so I looked around for something that would be easily portable, and decided a book page project made the most sense, so I decided to make a book page wreath.
Create a gorgeous wreath out of repurposed book pages! Tutorial at
I had this wire ring that’s been hanging in my workshop for over a year, so this was my chance to finally do something with it and turn it into a wreath.
I grabbed a big stack of antique German book pages and cut them in half before we left and
did a little experimenting to decide how I’d attach the pages to the ring.  I ended up cutting each page in half lengthwise, crunching them up a little, then folding and stapling them at the bottom.  I used a hole punch to make a hole to slip them over the ring.
I staggered the pages back and forth on the ring and used my hot glue gun to secure them to the ring and a little between each page to keep them adhered together.
I did lots of paper folding, stapling and hole punching on the drive, and in the hotel room.
How to make a Book Page Wreath
I made this a very full and compact wreath, so I used a lot of pages, but it could be made much more quickly with less pages that face upward more, and don’t go the full 180 degrees around the ring.  Does that make sense?  It did take a fair amount of time, but I needed a project to fill my time, so it worked out well.  These pages are over 100 years old, so they had naturally aged pretty color, but if you use newer book pages, you could tea-dye them to age them up a bit.
How to repurpose book pages to make a Book Pages Wreath

To make you’re own large book page wreath, you’ll need to purchase a skinny metal rod – I buy them at Lowes for around $2.  Wrap it around something round to form the ring, then bend the tips into the shape you see in the photo above.  These are really stiff rods, so it takes some muscle to bend, but the wreath is very sturdy. 

The tutorial to make the bow can be found HERE.

book page bows

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UPDATE – My book page wreaths were featured in the August, 2014 issue of Paper Art magazine!

Read more about that feature here.

Paper Art Magazine



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  1. I have decided your just a ball of talent my friend. Love that book wreath and I will be pinning it to one of my boards.. Lovely .. Hugs and stop by the rusty pearl sister .. have a blessed Easter

  2. I have looked at lots of book page wreaths and this is by far, my favorite! Thanks so much for sharing! Pinning!

    Would love if you linked this up at a new link party I am hosting with 4 other bloggers:

    Jenna @

  3. Both wreaths are absolutely fabulous!! Pinned!!

  4. Well, isn’t that cute, Angie I love it and it is a fun wreath- one of the best book page wreaths I have seen. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. I love these Angie. This is a “must do” project. Thanks for sharing!

  6. WOW…That us so nice…Great idea..

  7. Loving the style of the first.

  8. love love love this wonderful wreath!!

  9. Oh Angie my dear friend, this is the book page wreath that tops all other book page wreaths! I love, love, love it. I went googly eyed when I saw it and my mouth fell open…lol

    A wonderful expression of your creative soul!


  10. Absolutely love your book page wreath Angie and just had to pin it to my inspiration board at once. Fabulous work!!!
    Happy Easter days to you!
    Carola xoxo~

  11. Beautiful Angie, I am crazy over book page stuff so I especially love it!

  12. The large wreath is stunning! You never waste a minute do you?

  13. Sheesh… when I go to a hotel I drink coffee and watch tv. You’re a regular crafting machine. And I’m pinning the wreath on my wreath board, which has so many great wreaths that maybe next time I go to a hotel I’ll think to make one.


  14. What a fun, creative project. I’m visiting via Share Your Cup, and I lucked out. Something I can do, Woot Woot.

  15. Hi Angie, Your wreaths are fabulous. I love especially the first one and it was my very first pin :-).

  16. This wreath is gorgeous, holy moly, were you using a glue gun in the car??!

  17. This is a new style that I haven’t seen before. Really pretty. I’ve done some wreaths before…this one may be fun to try.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  18. Such a gorgeous wreath-your did a fabulous job!


  19. Definitely my favorite by far!!! You did a fantastic job 😉
    Jamie @
    Happy Easter!

  20. Waw, this is something I would love to try. Thank you for linking up with the colonial pharmacy sign. Hope to see you again at Crafty Country Cottage.

    Happy Easter.

  21. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial! The end result looks so nice. Can’t wait to make it!

  22. what a great wreath! gorgeous

  23. I must say that this s the cutest book-pages wraeth I have seen on the internet yet! You go girl…..!!!

    Happy Easter to you and yours… 🙂
    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  24. Oh wow! This is beautiful!
    Super cute! I would love if you link this tomorrow morning!

  25. Hi Angie, I love making book page wreaths. I’ve made a couple varieties, but these are both different than mine. Love the look! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  26. That is so lovely! I might have to try for one of those 🙂

  27. I really love this wreath & I love that it’s a unique take on a well loved favorite. So pretty!! Had to pin it!

  28. I love this wreath. The natural aging of the pages is wonderful and I love that it’s so full. It was well worth the time you took on it because it’s beautiful 🙂

  29. WOW! You did a great job!
    So pretty.

  30. LOVE this! Pinned 😉 Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  31. One of my favourite book wreaths ever! Lovely 🙂

  32. I love this! Now I want to make one, I have a few books I can do this with.

  33. I am going to be hosting a “book signing” party for a friend next month. So, I am on the lookout for some great “book” decorations! I am pinning this! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  34. I love these, Angie! Especially the first one. I have a wire wreath frame very similar and was trying to figure out how to use it. I will be doing this, since I’ve got a ton of old books I bought at the thrift store for crafting with. Thanks for the inspiration…I’m pinning (and also clipped at Hometalk…I don’t want to forget this one!)
    Debbie 🙂

  35. I love your wreath, it’s so cute and elegant!
    Ciao Cristina

  36. Would love for you to come share your beautiful work over at What Mama Loves, new party going on now!

  37. You always come up with some beautiful projects. Love both wreaths.
    Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays.

  38. Love your wreath, it’s the best one of this kind I have seen yet. You did a beautiful job. thanks for the inspiration.

  39. Super beautiful! I would love for you to link up at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase.

    Just follow the link…..


  40. I want it! I seriously L.O.V.E everything you do! 😀

  41. Featuring tomorrow and shared via G+. Hugs — Happy Sunday Angie! 🙂

  42. It looks beautiful! I love how full it is! Thanks so much for sharing at The Inspiration Exchange. We were so happy to have you out for our first party. Hope to see you again! Pinned!
    Jenn 🙂

  43. Love this they both came out so nice… Would love it if you stopped by One More Time and shared them.. Hope to see you there. Tammy

  44. You continue to amaze me! Lovely!!

  45. I love this project. So glad Donna was sharing it at Funky Junk, I missed this the first time around! I love taking paper projects with me in the car. I am with you, I go crazy if I don’t have something to do!

  46. Beautiful! To age book pages, I’ve watered down brown acrylic paint or stamping ink and “painted” the book edges before tearing them apart. Works quicker than tea staining them individually and waiting for it to dry.

  47. I love it! Beautiful progect

  48. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

  49. I love this! I happen to have a ring out in my garage just like your big ring too and I have a bunch of pages from some book keepsake boxes that I made.

    I have a question. About how big were your pages after you cut them in half? Books come in so many different sizes!

  50. Rachel Derting says

    I was wondering where I can find a single wire frame like that?

  51. Linda Kuznesoff-Herman says

    I’ve made wreaths similar to this with my students over the years! Beautiful and fun! However, ya don’t need a metal rod from Lowes or Home Depot! Use those wire hangers you get from the dry cleaners! The hook on top makes a perfect way to hang it. Hold the wire hanger and pull and push and bend until you shape out a circle! Webused crepe paper, napkins and clear, fold over sandwich baggies! We made bows to put on the hooks. Parents were very impressed!

  52. I would love to make the Book Page Wreath but I am so confused by the directions. I feel foolish not understanding why you can’t simply use a hole punch then feed it on the wire. Please, I know it’s difficult but could you please try to make me understand. thank you. Peggy Wilson

    • Peggy, you could do that, but I liked the pages crumpled and folded, so I could position them how I wanted them. Good luck with yours and I’d love to see photos when it’s finished!

  53. You have the most creative ideas! I just love your blog!

  54. Instead of using the wire rod, you can always stretch out a wire hanger into a round shape. This will also give you something a little more sturdy to use to hang the wreath.

  55. way to hang it. Hold the wire hanger and pull and push and bend until you shape out a circle! Webused crepe paper, napkins and clear, fold over sandwich baggies! We made bows to put on the hooks. Parents were very impressed!


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