DIY Canvas Bucket Bag in Homebound Magazine and a WINNER!

Late in the summer, Heather Anderson, publisher of Homebound Magazine (and Post Road Vintage), contacted me and asked if I’d like to come up with a project to share in the winter edition of Homebound Magazine.  I was happy to do so, but I had to wrap my mind around creating a winter project when the temperatures were still in the 80’s.I rummaged around in my workshop to see if my stockpile of “stuff” would yield some inspiration, and I spotted the remnants of canvas left over from my Wicker Sofa makeover.What I came up with was a canvas “bucket” bag that can be used to dress up a tabletop potted plant.

canvas bucket bag tutorial -

It’s an easy project and doesn’t require much fabric.  I sewed mine, but if you hate sewing, I think you could hot glue the seams together as well, although I didn’t try it.  The step by step, written directions are included in Homebound, but here is a visual set of directions for you.

Just determine how big you need the diameter and height you want your bag to be and use this as a guide to cut the length of the rectangle fabric that forms the cyclinder.

I used a rubber stamp to add the word “Noel”, but you could add any word, or none at all, so it can be used throughout the year.

It’s perfect to use with a small evergreen tree to put on your table through the holidays – especially with some small gifts around it that can be opened on Christmas Eve.  It would work well as a gift bag as well, and is reusable, so your gift recipient will get double-duty from it.

The Homebound winter edition magazine has some holiday inspiration, but Heather purposely made it an issue that can be left on the coffee table year-round.  It is gorgeous and is a unique issue, in that other bloggers submitted ONE beautiful photo that Heather featured.  My canvas bucket bag is an exception, as it includes instructions and is shown on several pages.
Homebound Magazine via Knick of Time
The winner of my Milk & Cream Co. sign that was part of the Kelly’s Favorite Handmade Things giveaway is Kay Bowen!  Congratulations, Kay!


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  1. What a cute project, Angie! Congrats to Kay!

  2. Very clever and smart looking project. I HATE the green plastic pot the plant comes in, but you don’t always have time to repot things right away. This is a nice way to deal with the ugly pot until company leaves and you have time to take care of your plant. I’m going to remember this one. 🙂 Merry Christmas.

  3. Absolutely lovely! I like its simplicity and charme.
    Have nice Christmas days!

  4. you could also use this bag for poinsettias! while the foils some come wrapped in is pretty tow much can be gaudy

  5. What a great idea Angie!

  6. Love it Angie … need to make on for my Rosemary tree.
    Congratulation on being in the Post Road Homebound magazine.
    I need to order one of those.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Think I got off the post I was on earlier, kept clicking when I’d see something else that was incredible on your blog. I’m always finding great stuff on here so I tend to skip around,keep finding more and more. Love your header, seems like whenever I find you again you’ve changed it again.
    Wanted to thank you for all the great stuff to download on any of posts I found. I started out with the silhouettes post but can’t find my way back.
    Seeing the stove on the side bar reminds me of one in my Dad’s Mother’s kitchen in PA. Many years ago of course. Love those old stoves, seems like they had more for convenience than ones now I’d need an engineering degree to operate. Loved the shelf above to hold things handy. If that tells my age that’s ok, I’m not ashamed of being 73. I have so many memories of awesome things in my life. I’ve lived in a few places, traveled the US and some of Canada, some of Mexico, I feel very lucky to have the memories I have of so many things many people aren’t as fortunate to have. I see so much on the blogs that trigger memories and I learn so much, to me humanity is an incredible thing to see and experience.
    Hope your Christmas with your kids is all you want it to be. Why not have 2 trees, keep yours and have theirs in another room if you have room. I love your tree so much with the handmade wonderful things on it.
    Our tree isn’t much this year but we have one, we made it with a tomato cage. strand of LED lights, some faux pine garland and ornaments I made and $tree stuff. Made lots of things and I’m loving it. Most of what I made will be gifts as we don’t have money to buy things, our payday is day before Christmas. Was actually on Christmas but SS is going to be nice enuf to pay us day ahead. Last year our payday was day after Christmas (4th. Wed. of month for both of us).
    I’ve always enjoyed and especially loved your blog. Happy holidays

  8. Oh now that is adorable! I love it.

  9. This is just gorgeous! Your blog is gorgeous too 😉
    Jamie @

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