Magazine Features in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style and Homespun

Some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I had the pleasure of being featured in two magazines.  Normally I’d share that with you right away while the issues can still be found on the newstands, but I was going to therapy three days a week until Christmas and trying to finish my shopping.  So those features were forgotten about until my mom discovered the magazines in the bathroom! The good news is that one of the issues is a special edition of {Read More}

Walking Down Magazine Features Memory Road

I’ve recently had several new requests for photos for magazine features.  I’ll let you know if or when they end up in print, but it made me think back to my past features. That giddy feeling never goes away every time I see my home or projects in print. If you are new here, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing those features, and if you’ve been around awhile, I hope you won’t mind taking a walk down memory lane with me.

Romantic Homes Feature + More Sale Items

Today was one of those amazing mail days that don’t happen often, but the latest issue of Romantic Homes was in my mailbox, and I’ve got a feature in it! I wanted to hug the mailman, but that might have been a tad awkward, so I just acted cool and casual until he drove away. Then I danced all around my driveway. 🙂

Weekending – American Farmhouse Style Magazine & Can You Name that Movie

There’s nothing better than opening your mailbox, and finding a magazine amidst bills and junk mail. But not just any magazine – one with your own home or project in it. I had that thrill this week when one of my projects was included in American Farmhouse Style magazine. More on that at the end of the post though! 🙂 First, can you name the movie this line from a song comes from? “Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna {Read More}

Somerset Life feature

Receiving magazines in the mail is always a nice change of pace from bills and junk mail, but receiving a magazine in the mail that my blog’s been featured in, is the next best thing to having the Publisher’s Clearinghouse people show up at my door (do they still do that?). When the folks at Somerset Life contacted me about featuring my blog in their magazine, of course I was thrilled, but when they sent me a list of photos they were {Read More}

On the Newsstands – Paper Art Magazine {and I’m in it!}

I’m excited to announce that I have a feature in the new Paper Art Magazine!  This special issue is from the editors of Cloth Paper Scissors, and is packed full of imaginative projects that can be made with paper! I’m a repurposed paper freak, and love finding creative ways to use old pages that might otherwise end up in a landfill.  See that book page wreath?  Yep, that belongs to yours truly!  I created one especially for this issue, and {Read More}

DIY Canvas Bucket Bag in Homebound Magazine and a WINNER!

Late in the summer, Heather Anderson, publisher of Homebound Magazine (and Post Road Vintage), contacted me and asked if I’d like to come up with a project to share in the winter edition of Homebound Magazine.  I was happy to do so, but I had to wrap my mind around creating a winter project when the temperatures were still in the 80’s.I rummaged around in my workshop to see if my stockpile of “stuff” would yield some inspiration, and I {Read More}

My Farm Country Kitchen in Cottages & Bungalows magazine

It’s funny how things turn out sometimes, isn’t it?  Way back in February, I entered the contest hosted by Whisperwood Cottage for a feature in Cottages and Bungalows magazine.  The theme of the contest was “before and after”.  You could enter a before and after project, or a before and after room.  I had both a project and a room, so I entered both categories.  The project I entered was my repurposed chair parts that I showed you here, and {Read More}

Knick of Time in Artful Blogging

There are 3 words that are music to every blogger’s ears (or eyes).  If you are a blogger, I’m sure you know what they are… “You’ve been published.” I received those 3 words in my mailbox this week.  A few months ago, I was contacted by Jennifer Jackson Taylor, Asst. Senior Managing Editor for Artful Blogging, and asked if I would be interested in writing an article and having my blog featured in the magazine.  Of course, I said yes. Someone pinch {Read More}

A Blue Ribbon Moment

Did you ever win a ribbon in a science or art fair when you were a kid?  I remember doing a science fair project in grade school on cacti and succulents.  I worked really hard to make my aquarium planted with them look great and wrote the best report I could.  Every class got to go through the gym to see all the science project displays and I couldn’t wait for my class’s turn.  I knew I had won a {Read More}