Photography Friday – Practicing Outdoor Rural Photography

You’d think with as many photos as I shoot for my blog and shop, I really love photography, but I don’t.  I actually don’t like it at all, but I know a large part of that is because I’ve never really learned to use my camera, so it seems like so much work to get good photos.  I have a DSLR camera, but for the most part have used it like a point and shoot, relying entirely too much on the Auto setting.  I’m always busy working on projects, writing blog posts, and doing my online shop work, and have felt like I just don’t have time to learn it, but I realized it’s a knowledge I need to invest in for myself and my business.

I’ve taken just a few photos that I’ve truly loved, and felt they turned out well, The Old Barn & Ironstone Pitcher on Ladder, and I’d like to be able to take many more photos that I can feel proud of.

Since my time is so limited and gas is expensive, I decided to sign up for an online class with Shoot Fly Shoot, by Kevin Palmer @ The Lettered Cottage.  I decided to really commit to learning it, so I signed up for both their Photography 101 and 102 classes, and when I’m done with those, I may take some of their other classes too.  Now that I’ve decided to make time and finally learn how to really use my camera, I’m excited about it!

Rural Photography by Knick of Time

I’ve heard from many of you over the last several years, that you’ve done the same thing . You bought a nice camera, then never learned to use it properly, so every Friday, I’ll share something I learned in the classes with you – both to encourage you, and to keep me faithful in doing the classes.  If you’d like to take the classes as well, you can sign up for them with the affiliate link on my sidebar, and I hope you’ll join me in posting your own Photography Friday photos.  Let me know if you do!

Shoot Fly Shoot Photography Course

Our weather took a nosedive this week and has been raining a lot (our basement flooded  several inches deep), but last week we had some absolutely perfect late summer days, and I’m glad I took advantage of them and went out to practice some rural photography.

I love the country roads around my home.  I love the wooden telephone poles that dot the landscape, and the bright yellow wildflowers that just “pop” against the backdrop of the green grasses and fields.  It won’t be long before all those fields are harvested and they’ll be barren looking for many months, although when they get covered with snow, they’ll be pretty.

Country Road Telephone Poles and Wild Flowers via Knick of Time

I was happy to see this pretty yellow butterfly land on the yellow flower.  I didn’t have the zoom lens on my camera, and there was a ditch between it and me, so I couldn’t get very close, but I just cropped the photo to isolate the butterfly on the flower.

Wildflowers and Yellow Butterfies Rural Photography by Knick of Time

I can’t wait to start taking my classes this week, and hope to have something good to share with you next Friday!


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