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I’m still on vacation, enjoying time with my family, but last weekend, when my parents were visiting us in Illinois, we attended an apple festival in a small town not too far from our home.  We only stayed about an hour, because although it was a beautiful day, it was chilly and breezy.

On the way home, we drove the back roads, rather than taking the highway.  I love this stretch of road, because it is dotted with pretty old farmhouses and barns, lots of trees and farmland, and I always seem to discover something I haven’t noticed before.  This time, I spotted the most charming little abandoned cabin, tucked between cornfields in the most picturesque way.  We drove past it a short distance, and I begged my husband to turn around and go back, because it was such a perfect day for outdoor photos.  There was just enough clouds to keep the sun from being too harsh, and the sky looked beautiful, with the mix of white an gray-lined clouds.  I’d love to return in the winter and take more photos when snow blankets the ground.

It’s available as a free photograph print, for those who enjoy rural photography.  Just click on the image, to download the non-watermarked image.    I’m looking forward to sharing more about my trip next week, when I have time to go through all my photos.

Fine Art Photography Abandoned Cabin

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