3 Old-Fashioned County Fair Projects!

Did you go to your state or county fair this summer? I’ve always loved going to the fair! I love people watching, I love all the yummy smells from the food vendors,  I love watching little kids petting pigs and goats in the petting stalls, and I love looking at all the quilts, paintings and crafts entered into the competitions. Last weekend my husband and I took my youngest son and his friend to the state fair.  It was the last day {Read More}

Gathering Wildflowers, Weeds and Purple Clover

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandfathers out there! I went out to photograph a barn the other day, and spotted a patch of purple clover growing by the side of the road. I was instantly transported back to my childhood in the summertime… climbing trees, barefoot for most of the day, our dog following me around,      and nothing more important to do than to sit and suck the sweetness from the clover blossoms.  I’m concerned {Read More}

Hello World and an Old White Barn

I have a lot of readers that don’t live in the United States, and I need to apologize to all of them! It wasn’t until a reader commented that she wished my stencils were available to non-US residents, that I realized that I had discriminated against you all, because all my stencil listings were only set up for US shipment.  It’s a great big world out there, and I want people to enjoy my stencils all over the map! (free {Read More}

Old Wooden Barn

I photographed this old wooden barn on the same road trip as the big big red barn that is my dream barn. I love the well-aged wood and peak roof on this one, and the setting is so pretty as well, with the field in front waiting to be planted. The image without my watermark is available as a free printable HERE. You’ll find all of my barn printables HERE.

Farmhouse Friday #8 – Garden Projects

Happy Farmhouse Friday, everyone! Everywhere you go this time of year, garden centers are exploding with color, people are working in their yards and the air just smells so fresh and sweet with with the scents of flowers and freshly-mowed  grass, so the theme this week is yard and garden projects. If you missed any of the previous Farmhouse Friday themes, you can find them all HERE. How is your garden growing so far?  I know many of you are {Read More}

a Prairie Barn photography printable

In my quest to photography as many old barns as I can, I’ve also become curious about the names of different styles of barns.  I photographed this old red barn in Illinois a few weeks ago, and did a little research, and discovered that this type of barn is often called a “prairie barn”.  The red paint on this one is fading, but it’s still very quaint.  I really like the two sets of 9-pane windows and the dutch door. {Read More}

Big Red Barn Photograph Printable

When I shared my DIY barn quilt a few days ago, I teased that this beautiful big red barn was actually my barn, before revealing what my barn really looks like. I took this photo a little over a week ago, when I was visiting family a few hours away.  It really is my dream barn.  Can you imagine a barn like this converted into a house?  I would want my bedroom up in the hay loft where that row of windows is. {Read More}

Farmhouse Friday #6 – Repurposed Tools

 Happy Farmhouse Friday, everyone!  This week’s theme is repurposed tools. Anything that may have once been used as some type of tool on a farm is fair game!  Some of them may surprise you.  Let’s take a look! (Click on the arrow keys to see each project.)  

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DIY Barn Quilt

It isn’t a big secret that I love old barns, but have I ever told you about MY barn? Well, it’s a great big old red barn, with a white door, and a hayloft on top. There are horses in their stalls, and chickens in a coop, and we gather fresh eggs from them every day. On the outside, hollyhocks and sunflowers are growing, and the old water spigot never stops dripping. Hanging on the side of my barn is a big, beautiful barn quilt.

Old Barn

I know many of you love old barns as much as I do, so I’m sharing this photo I took on Friday.  My oldest son and I went on a weekend road trip and I asked him to keep his eye out for old barns .  He spotted this one and pulled over so I could jump out and photograph it.  It looks like once upon a time it may have been red, but most of the paint has weathered away, and some of {Read More}