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I hate to admit it, but the photos you see of my home are not the reality.  I spend days cleaning up and primping to shoot room reveal photos, and those cleaned up spaces very quickly revert back to their normal, incredibly messy state in less time than it took me to clean them up, so I’ve been cracking the whip, making the whole family help me clean up our messes.

When I was cleaning in the kitchen last week, I looked at my refrigerator, and realized it doesn’t look anything like the refrigerator you may have seen in my kitchen remodel reveal post, because for the photo, it looked like this…

farmhouse kitchen remodel

but now, it looks like this…(someone please tell me your fridge looks this bad)

messy fridge

We tend to stick anything we don’t want to lose on the fridge, including photos, grocery lists, coupons, dr. appointment cards…even car titles.  Yeah…great organizational system, right?

I decided I might as well make the front of the fridge look better, while I was cleaning the rest of the kitchen – the only problem is, I didn’t have any nice magnets to use.  I buy magnets in bulk for projects, and use them as-is, until I need them…and I needed some nice magnets to pretty up my fridge.

While brainstorming some cute magnet ideas, I remembered I had leftover Shrinky Dinks, from when I made necklaces with seed packet graphics.  I created a grouped image of some of my antique postcards (printables here), and printed them out on the Shrinky Dink plastic, then used E6000 to glue the magnets to the back.  I buy very strong magnets, and this glue is strong enough to keep them from getting pulled off, when removing them off of the refrigerator.

Antique Postcard Magnets via Knick of Time

My fridge  looks much nicer than coupons and grocery lists!

One thing you should know when using Shrinky Dinks, is you need to lighten the images (about 50%) before printing them, because they get much darker and richer in color when they shrink.  I didn’t lighten this image enough, and you can see how dark it got.  The print on the postcard isn’t readable now.  You also need to watch them as they are shrinking, in case they start to curl over and get stuck on themselves.  If that happens, you can carefully reach in your oven and separate them before they harden and get stuck curled up.

I wonder how long it will take before my pretty fridge becomes a mess again.  I think I better limit the number of magnets I have, so I can’t stick so many things on it!

Make your Own Antique Postcard Magnets with Free Printables from Knick of Time #knickofTime #magnets #printables #postcards #vintage #graphics |

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  1. So cool, Angie! I love your magnets. I just cleaned my fridge inside and out today….great minds I guess. I don’t have amazing homemade magnets though. Have a great night. ~ Jamie

  2. I just cleaned off my fridge and had twice as many pieces of paper – but also a car registration! Love the magnet idea to make the papers and clutter a little nicer to look at. I have several magnets made from vintage clip on earrings I think I’ll use until I can make some of these great vintage postcard magnets! Thanks for all your GREAT ideas. Love your page! ~ Helen

  3. Love the magnets! Love you, too!

  4. Chuckle, chuckle, I love the magnets, but I REALLY love your comment that your house doesn’t always look like what we see in the photo shoots, you have to clean and prep, etc!! I needed to read that, even though in my heart I knew that this is probably the case with all the wonderful blog ladies I follow, I find myself fussing too much about my own house cuz it almost always looks like people actually live in it, and NOT like the pretty pictures of others’ homes, that I love! Thank you!! Love your blog for many reasons!

    • Trust me Georgia, if you saw my house on a daily basis, you’d never again compare your home to those you see in photos. ALL bloggers (who don’t have a maid) have messy homes at least part of the time. Everyone’s situation is different, but when you have more than 1 person in a home…messes are the reality. Of course, no one would visit a blog filled with messy house photos all the time – we want to escape what we can see in our own homes, and see something pretty and inspiring, so we share photos of our homes on their BEST days…not their normal!

  5. Hi Angie! Your kitchen is gorgeous! We used those same tiles for our backsplash! The magnets are great! We decided when we moved into this house we wouldn’t clutter the fridge. So now my countertops are cluttered! It’s a continual process to keep a messy house clean! Thanks for sharing these today! Blessings from Bama!

    • LOL – well, my counters AND fridge are always cluttered, so at least you’re only dealing with one messy spot! Thanks so much for dropping in, and leaving a comment. I love hearing from visitors!!

  6. Oh Angie! I can relate and there are only two of us in this house. Over the past two years I’ve had four major surgeries, I’m remodeling the WHOLE house at one time never quite finishing one room before I move on to the next, still working on the house exterior off and on, put in a huge garden every year and do canning and food preserving for four months steady every summer (finally finished yesterday!!!) and have five pets to contend with (two are puppies). Sigh. A couple of charming magnets isn’t going to cut it for me I’m afraid. I’d like to shrinky dink all the crap I don’t know what to do with and stuff it all into a cardboard box to put in my 10×10 cellar for another day! On the bright side…I did clean my frig inside and out last week. Ha! I love all the great printables you so generously give us. Even have my eye on two of them on your Etsy page. One of these days, when I have some time, I’m going to sit down and learn how to use them. In the mean time…I have some flooring to lay 😉 Have a great day!

  7. Love the little post card magnets. I guess that Shrinky Dinks could be found at Craft stores. Maybe not ours, because it is so small. I don’t like stuff on the front of the fridge, but have my grandson’s pictures on the side where I can enjoy them when I cook. I do appreciate your blog and all you make available to us.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

    • LOL – I admire your restraint to not put things on the front of your fridge, Audrey! I would have to put barbed wire across mine to keep from sticking things on it. Oh wait…barbed wire is magnet too, isn’t it?!

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