Brown Paper Packages Gift Card Holders

 I really hadn’t intended to share any more Christmas projects, but I bought a few gift cards, and they didn’t come with gift card holders.  I decided to whip up a few of my own, and what immediately popped into my mind was, “brown paper packages, tied up in strings“.  Of course, these are a few of my favorite things, so I wanted my gift card holders to look like small brown paper packages.  It was quick and easy, and looked sweeter than sticking the gift cards in an envelope.  I thought some of you may need a gift card holder too, so I’m including how I made it.

I cut a strip of brown craft paper a little bit wider, and a little more than half as long as the gift cards.

Brown Paper Package Gift Card Holder instructions

Position the gift card toward the bottom of the craft paper, and fold it over.  You want to have a “flap” on one end, so don’t fold it exactly in half.

gift card holder instructions

 Using a hot glue gun, or other adhesive, seal the two long sides closed.  Do NOT seal the open end closed, or you won’t be able to get your gift card inside

make a gift card holder

 Fold over the extra paper to form the flap.

make a brown paper package gift card holder

 Tuck your gift card inside and seal the flap closed.

DIY brown paper packages gift card holder

I added the names with Picmonkey, and printed out a North Pole Delivery Label (free printables HERE).

North Pole Christmas Gift Tag

Stick the tag on the front of the gift card holder, and tie some cotton shipping twine around it.

Of course, you can make larger versions of this, using a roll of brown paper to hold gifts larger than gift cards.

Brown Paper Packages Gift Card Holder

 My daughter spotted my big roll today, and asked if she could wrap her gifts like brown paper packages, tied up in string.  You should have seen my smile.  I had raised her right!

Still looking for more Christmas inspiration?  You’ll find LOTS HERE.

12 Days of Christmas collage final

And for your listening enjoyment…

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Love it Angie!

  2. Love this- so simple and cute. Merry Christmas, Angie!


  3. Merry Christmas Angie!

  4. Felíz Navidad para tí !!!

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