Bath Spa Gift Basket with Repurposed Soda Bottle Bubble Bath

I made a quick trip into the grocery store last week for just a few things. Somehow when I wasn’t looking, a bath spa gift jumped into my cart.

Beverage Station and Gift Card Holder Printables

Beverage stations are very popular right now, and I’ve always received a lot of sweet comments about the coffee station we have set up on our antique cook stove in our kitchen, so I decided to create some printable signs that have a retro look – as if they came from a 1950’s diner.  Just print them, plop them in a frame, and hang them!  You could also decoupage them onto wood as well.

Brown Paper Packages Gift Card Holders

 I really hadn’t intended to share any more Christmas projects, but I bought a few gift cards, and they didn’t come with gift card holders.  I decided to whip up a few of my own, and what immediately popped into my mind was, “brown paper packages, tied up in strings“.  Of course, these are a few of my favorite things, so I wanted my gift card holders to look like small brown paper packages.  It was quick and easy, and looked {Read More}

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags, Labels and Stickers

Welcome day Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas celebration! If  you love vintage style, then this post is for you, and it’s something every single gift-giver needs – Christmas gift tags and labels! I love gifts that have an old-fashioned look to them, so I tweaked a few of my favorite antique images, and gave them a festive Christmas look, as printable vintage Christmas gift tags.  AJust print them, and add the to your wrapped gifts!  I even included a few that {Read More}

Vintage Floral & Craft Paper Gift Tags

 I’ve been playing with the Vintage Floral Papers and created some pretty gift tags with the purple paper and some craft cardstock. You can use the other floral papers and make your own, but I have the purple set finished as a free printable, so you can just print it, cut them out, and add some string. I had mine printed at Staples as a color copy, because I’m always so impressed with how beautiful their color copies are.  It only {Read More}

DIY Engineering Print French Letter Gift Wrap

I am really getting some “mileage” out of the 1872 French letter I purchased a few months ago, and came up with another way to use it.  I love the wrapping paper with antique images sold by Jeanne d’ Arc Living, but at about $14 for a 60-inch sheet (plus shipping), I knew I could get a similar look by creating my own for a lot less money.  I went to Staples and had them print an engineering print for {Read More}

Printable Hang Tag Gift Tags

Several weeks ago, I shared some hang tags that came from a 1930’s dealer catalog.  Originally, they had the words “Special Sale” and “Sold” on them, and were used in stores.   Those tags are perfect for people who sell their handmade products at fairs or in a booth, but I wanted to modify them, so others could use them as well. I’ve created a set of printable gift tags with 7 different greetings on them, as well as a {Read More}